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  1. Bryan Eyring

    Waltham Watch Company: 50 years of Mismanagement

    Good for you, not that anyone really cares but I worked my way up from the dregs too - cheers
  2. Bryan Eyring

    Waltham Watch Company: 50 years of Mismanagement

    Deming played a very small part, it was sensei's like Taiichi Ohno that really guided Japanese manufacturing, actually starting in the 1950's. And, if you've read The Toyota Way and the like, you would know that technology actually played a very small part in lifting Japanese manufacturing, it...
  3. Bryan Eyring

    Please Show the Most Recent Addition to Your Collection

    Congrats, you got a very fine example of this grade - I owned this same watch for short period last year while before consigning it to another dealer. I found it at last year's National in VA.
  4. Bryan Eyring

    Hamilton Watch 992 with third hand?

    Not true - Hamilton had a p/n for this hour hand. I know bc I have these NOS, in the Hamilton envelope w/ correlating p/n
  5. Bryan Eyring

    Three Of My Watches Stolen From Repair Shop!!

    Frequently check ebay listings within a 100 mile radius of you too. This is how I recovered some of my own items and determined the identity of my intruder.
  6. Bryan Eyring

    Three Of My Watches Stolen From Repair Shop!!

    Contact the president of your state's pawnbroker's association and have them send out an e-blast with these photos, along with your contact information. Pawnbrokers are typically very eager to assist with ensuring that stolen merchandise is not purchased.
  7. Bryan Eyring

    1880s Elgin

    you did fine
  8. Bryan Eyring

    a thread for Runic dials.

    Isn't the same one that esteemed & renowned collector Jon Hanson discovered, P-G, over 30 years ago?
  9. Bryan Eyring

    Scrapper's Hall of Shame

    Not to be critical but these are simply emotional responses. This trend will continue (and likely accelerate) until collectors address the surrounding facts.
  10. Bryan Eyring

    Scrapper's Hall of Shame

    Hi Ethan; A few key items that I feel contribute to this; 1)It's very disappointing how many collectors still fail to "get" this, despite the magnitude of information now readily available online. Rather than flocking to gold that's available online and at Marts for 10-30% premium (and...
  11. Bryan Eyring

    Scrapper's Hall of Shame

    This topic has been hashed, rehashed, and triple hashed on numerous threads here and on 149. Until more collectors begin taking American horology seriously and begin ponying up the $$ to buy common or worn gold watches this will continue to happen. Collectors have become spoiled in the last 15...
  12. Bryan Eyring

    JP Stevens 1882

    Hi, your watch is a New York variant, please check your private messages.
  13. Bryan Eyring

    Elgin pocket watch gold? available to me. Need help

    Clearly solid 18k. We buy this hallmark as solid 18k all the time - you too should buy with confidence. Good luck!
  14. Bryan Eyring

    E. Howard Series III

    Congratulations on your gorgeous Series III! I think you'll find that the series III provides a wide palette of variants, which is why it is enjoyed by both newbies and seasoned collectors alike. It is a highly relevant and representative watch of the E. Howard & Co's organizational...
  15. Bryan Eyring

    Recommendation for a typical high quality American pocket watch?

    you need an American grade 72 if this is still out of your budget then buy a 21j Elgin convert.
  16. Bryan Eyring

    2022 2022 Wilmington Regional Application

    Hi, can someone pls message or email me the 2022 Wilmington Regional Application since it is no longer accessible on the website? I'd also like to know the dates for the 2023 Wilmington Regional as well. Thanks.
  17. Bryan Eyring

    A Ball Advertising Print (not from a magazine)

    These are fun. I have the lower left hand corner one out for Xmas this year now that we finally have some snow out here in the MidWest!

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