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  1. Gregory Douglas


    Hi, Is there some way to see the Nawcc bulletins? I select the "See Past Issues" and then it takes me to a page where I have to be a member to view. I am already a member and signed in. It takes me in a loop. Any suggestions? Greg
  2. Gregory Douglas

    Cannot find an NAWCC page

    Recently, I came across an NAWCC page that showed photos of numerous wall clocks, not in a forum. Now I cannot find it. Any clues? Greg
  3. Gregory Douglas

    Clock ID Help

    Hi Members, I have a movement that has no identification marks on it except an engrave "2" at the bottom of one plate. Here are some photos. Greg
  4. Gregory Douglas

    Grinding noise when in Westminster chime Waterbury Clock

    I have a Waterbury mantle clock that has a grinding noise when it chimes. Does anybody know what causes this? I tried to upload a small video but this system won't allow it, evidently. Greg
  5. Gregory Douglas

    Clock Help Clock labels

    HI. Does anybody have a resource to purchase clock labels? The inside of my Atkins Clock Co. "Victor" label is dust. Greg
  6. Gregory Douglas

    Antique Clock Resources Available Online

    Hi Clockers, The following website contains quite a few antique-clock books that you can checkout online for free. I think 2 weeks is a loan period before you have to recheck it out. It is like a regular library. Check it out! Click on the following: Welcome to Open Library | Open Library Greg
  7. Gregory Douglas

    Movement won't ding past five strikes.

    I have a Howard Miller ship's wheel clock that won't chime past fives strikes. The rack won't drop past the fifth notch. Any suggestions? Not versed enough in the mechanism yet.
  8. Gregory Douglas

    Japy Freres Wooden Wall Clock

    Does anyone know if Japy Freres French movements were ever manufactured in Wooden Wall Clocks? I don't have a French clock book. Would appreciate a response. Thanks. Greg
  9. Gregory Douglas

    Movement Identification

    Hi, I have a clock case but no movement. I'm really not sure what movement goes in this case. It seems to need a very small movement because the spring posts are only 2 inches apart and level to the hands post. I've looked in my books but had no luck. I thought maybe a cuckoo movement is proper...
  10. Gregory Douglas

    Sessions Movement Assembly

    I'm learning about clocks and want to know if there is an available video that shows how to assemble a Sessions movement? I'd appreciate any suggestions. Greg
  11. Gregory Douglas

    Unmarked Mantel Clock

    I opened a clock up for inspection but could not find a makers mark. I've looked inside and out of the plates to no avail? Here are photos. Any ideas?
  12. Gregory Douglas

    Camel-Back Clock Book

    Is there a clock and/or price guide that focuses on camel-back mantle clocks? I noticed the five books from Erhardt lists a small selection of them. Thanks.
  13. Gregory Douglas

    Standard (Imperial) Dial and Pendulum

    I have a beautiful Imperial clock but cannot find a dial or pendulum. If anybody hears of any, let me know. I'd appreciate it. Greg
  14. Gregory Douglas

    E. N. Welch Assembly

    Does anybody know of a video that shows how to reassemble an E. N. Welch movement. This is my first attempt at disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly. I have the basic concepts but need help with procedure. I'd appreciate any resource. I'm did a search on youtube but Scotty's World is the only...
  15. Gregory Douglas

    Engraver's Wax

    Hi. I am gonna ask a silly question, but I just wanted to know if Engraver's Filler is the same as Engraver's Wax? Gregory
  16. Gregory Douglas

    Black Engraver's Wax

    Can you get engraver's wax in the United States? Seems it only comes from UK.
  17. Gregory Douglas

    Weird Clock Identification

    I was hoping someone could identify what the heck this clock is. It has a bubble face glass and lead/glass door. The movement is "Imperial" and two wires are coming out the top. It looks to me like an old advertising clock of sorts? Any ideas?
  18. Gregory Douglas

    Alaron Clock

    I know the Alaron Clock is not considered high-quality or valuable, but I'd like to know some history of the maker. I've sought anything on the Internet but have not found much of use. Does anyone have a source they can share? I'd appreciate it. Doug
  19. Gregory Douglas

    Steel Movement

    Who made clock movements out of steel instead of brass. I have a mantle clock that is just steel but has no maker identification?
  20. Gregory Douglas

    GB without serial number

    I have a gustav becker movement without a serial number. Is this possible?

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