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  1. CentreKeystone

    IL Transit

    A recently concluded auction was for a very nice watch with "Electric Railroad Standard" on the face. The movement was lever set, 19j, adj to three positions, and grade 706. It was an excellent example of a trolley watch. The unusual thing is that the movement was marked "Transit." It makes...
  2. CentreKeystone

    Altoona PA railroad museum clock

    The Altoona Railroaders Museum has a large unidentified clock to the right of the entrance to the theatre. The curator asked me to see if it can be made to work. It is not electric and has places for two winding keys. I showed it to a group of clock repairmen who thought it probably was Seth...
  3. CentreKeystone

    Puzzling watch inspection certificate

    This interurban watch inspection certificate dated 1919 is for a 16 size 21 jewel lever set Hampden watch. The puzzling thing is that the movement number 331484 is for an 1884 18size Hampden. Any ideas as to the proper number? "Aurora-Elgin Area Streetcars & Interurbans" vol. 4
  4. CentreKeystone

    Elgin Transportation Model

    This weekend I bought at the Baltimore Streetcar Museum a series of books on electric railways around Elgin, IL. There are several pictures of the Elgin factory and how it was served. Of particular interest is the attached page illustrating an Elgin Transportation model pocket watch. I am not...
  5. CentreKeystone

    Hampden Tramway Special

    Hampden Tramway Special. Grade no. 64. Model 3, 17 j, pedant set. Dated about 1911. It is serial # 2866545. An internet search listed a 2866114 and 2866537. This is a unusual name for an American pocket watch. Tramway is the common name for an electric trolley everywhere except in the United...
  6. CentreKeystone

    NOT a trolley watch

    A couple years ago I bought the attached Il Electric Railroad Standard watch at an Nawcc show. The face was perfect and I liked the IL display case which showed off the beautiful movement. At home I realized that something looked wrong. It turned out that the movement was grade 303, unadjusted...
  7. CentreKeystone

    Illinois electric railway watches

    The Illinois Watch Co was located within a vast network of midwestern electric interurban lines. It was therefore natural that it would produce watches needed to keep car schedules. The watches were similar to contemporary railroad watches but with only 17-19 jewels. Production ceased with the...
  8. CentreKeystone

    Waltham Electric Railway

    I did my patriotic duty and spent part of my government stimulus payment on a watch with "Waltham Electric Railway" on the dial. I have only seen three of these advertised for sale (25583363, 25583686, & 25584895). A few years ago I did not know that this version even existed...maybe Elgin made...
  9. CentreKeystone

    puzzling IL electric pocket watch

    After posting my presentation on Trolley watches I was shown a puzzling example. The movement is IL grade 305, 16S, pendent set, 17 jewel, adjusted., made about 1925. It is not railroad grade. The dial is silver with "ELECTRIC" at 12 ok and "RAILROAD APPROVED" at 6 ok just above the seconds...
  10. CentreKeystone

    Trolley Watch Zoom presentation

    Last week I gave a Zoom presentation on Trolley Watches as part of the Trolleyology series of the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum in Washington, PA:
  11. CentreKeystone

    Longines 17L B.C. Elec Rlwy commemorative

    I have a slim Longines 17L 17 jewel pocket watch with the following inscription on the back: “To H. THOMPSON COMMEMORATING THE GOLDEN JUBILEE OF B.C. ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO. LTD. 1947” I contacted the Vancouver, British Columbia Archives and learned that the watch was one of fifty presented to...
  12. CentreKeystone

    Interesting Ball 435C

    Today I received in the mail a Ball 435C pocket watch with some interesting details. The watch serial #4117 is below that of published estimated serial numbers for the 435C. The Star Case appears to be original but clearly was modified to fit. There are two cutouts on the front for the lever set...
  13. CentreKeystone

    My Elgin B W RAYMOND visits home

    Last week I spent time west and north of Chicago near Elgin. I thought it would be interesting to bring my Elgin B W Raymond to the site of the factory in Elgin. The factory is, of course, long gone but there are still some interesting traces of it on the site. The two original entrance gate...
  14. CentreKeystone

    Illinois trolley watch marketing

    Ilinois sold a number of pocket watches marked Electric Railway (or Railroad) in various ways. I have seen several Hamilton advertisements for trolley watches but none for Ill. If they did not advertise how did Ill market their watches to motormen and conductors?
  15. CentreKeystone

    Engineer's Watch Receptacle

    Just in case you ever wondered where the engineer of a fast passenger diesel put his Hamilton 992b or Elgin BW Raymond watch, I have attached a picture showing the position of the "engineer's watch receptacle" (22). This is from the EMD Model E7 Passenger Locomotive Operating Manual No. 2300 (no...
  16. CentreKeystone

    Defiance Zephyr case

    I picked up for a nominal sum a Defiance chrome 16s pocket watch case. I have attached a picture of the Burlington Route Denver Zephyr on which the engraving was copied. You can see that the details match up perfectly. I haven't decided what, if anything, to do with the case...perhaps a...
  17. CentreKeystone

    displaying pocket watches

    Pocket watches are in some ways an unusual collectable. The case, face, and movement can be equally interesting. However, the case hides the movement and prevents display unless removed. Since pocket watches were originally sold without cases the movements are often very attractively decorated...
  18. CentreKeystone

    Unusual Hamilton Electric Railway Special

    Attached is a picture of an unusual Hamilton Electric Railway Special Dial. It is the only one I have seen which is not a Montgomery Dial. The movement is a pendant set 974 sent for finishing March 20, 1922 (keeping in mind that it may have been switched). I have seen Electric Railway Special...
  19. CentreKeystone

    the demise of the "Dollar Watch" and inflation

    Interesting article on the demise of the Dollar Watch: (Electric Railway Journal, Jan 7 , 1922)
  20. CentreKeystone

    Please ID this Clock Reading Railroad station clock

    The attached picture is of a large clock which was in the Reading, PA Outer Station of the Reading Railroad. According to the description the pendulum had the inscription "P R RR CO" and it mysteriously fell apart. Does anyone know what it was and what became of it? p. 10-11, "The Outer...

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