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  1. Spidicus

    Seth Thomas scape wheel problems

    I have a Seth Thomas time-only movement on the bench that was mounted in a Ships clock case. (see picture) The movement showed evidence of less-than professional repairs. I cleaned it and polished the pivots, then rebushed it as needed. There seemed to be lots of power; however, when I got it...
  2. Spidicus

    Help Should I open this old Chelsea...or not?

    I recently inherited a very nice US Gvt Chelsea 9" dial, white face, time only clock, Bakelite case. I'm guessing vintage mid-century. It's pristine; looks like new, might even be new...ish. I doubt that it's had many hours of running, and doubt even more that it's ever been opened. My...
  3. Spidicus

    Odd striking problem

    I recently acquired an E Lauffer grandfather clock. It wasn't running at the time, but the only problem seemed to be a broken clickspring on the first wheel of the going train. I made a new one, split the plates, installed it, cleaned everything up, and hooray! It worked! It chimed...

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