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  1. MartinM

    Looking for a Better High-Magnification Solution?

    Your phone may have everything you need. While modern phones can do some pretty decent macro photography out of the box with good light, the "Photo" app doesn't access the best capabilities of the camera. To get MUCH closer to your subject, you need to activate the "Accessibility" function on...
  2. MartinM

    Help "Mark Forums Read" not working on one folder

    Is there something like a hidden post in the following area that keeps the main screen from showing that all posts have been read?: [Clock Repair, Restoration, & Design] / [Clock Repair Articles] I'd just accept that, as a folder, it won't be subject to clearing its 'unread' flag using [FORUMS]...
  3. MartinM

    Any Helpful Hints on How to Remove (and Replace) this Monster

    It's about two inches wide. My Joe Collins winder may not be up to the task.
  4. MartinM

    ATO More shipping woes

    It definitely didn't look like this in the auction listing. The glass is an easy fix. The coil covers are the worst I've ever seen. Anybody have the coil winding specs for this one? One real coil set and one dummy)
  5. MartinM

    Not sure about this combination

    Hi. I'm working on a Sokol Montag bandstand or Louvre clock in the smaller size format that I've never seen before.. The movement is plate 1527 and the pendulum appears to be a #82. I'm not sure those three companies all go together (JUF, Sokol Montag and Link). Would anyone have any info on...
  6. MartinM

    USPS Shipping Gods Are Smiling On Me

    I’ve been looking to get one of these for quite a while, now. When I received the package, it was obvious something horrible had happened. Lots of rattling inside the big bubble wrap ball. I expected to have nothing but a pile of glass and porcelain shards. To my surprise, the dome was intact...
  7. MartinM

    Rex Cole "Boots Boy" Motor Info Sought

    Just picked-up a Rex Cole "Boots Boy" mystery clock with no motor or primary drive gears. While I can readily handle sourcing/making the gears and gearbox, the actual motor is another matter. I don't think I can retrofit this one with a current production motor like I have with a couple of...
  8. MartinM

    Kaiser Universe - Unlikely Source for Domes

    The whole cloche costs $11.88 at my Walmart. Fits great. It is just slightly less round on the top than the original dome. UPC 37916933627 Gerson 93362 - 10.25" Battery Operated Micro LED Copper Base Clear Glass Cloche with Timer (93362) - The world's largest UPC database The Mainstays (Walmart...
  9. MartinM

    Help Two Computers... Same Browser... Different Functionality

    Both are running Chrome. On one, I hover over the "FORUMS" header and the sub-menu appears allowing me to 'Mark Forums Read'. On the other machine, I have to click on the "FORUMS" link to get the sub-menu. Any ideas how to set the latter machine to operate like the former?
  10. MartinM

    Persistent (Non-scrolling) Header

    Not sure if it was you guys of me; But, in case it was the former, I just wanted to thank you for that. What a lifesaver to be available without having to navigate to the top of the page to mark everything at that level as read. Thanks!
  11. MartinM

    Maarten Baas' Schiphol Clock

    Located in the Amsterdam Airport.
  12. MartinM

    Advice on Fusee Arbor Material Sought

    Got a fusee cone with a corkscrewed winding square. It looks like it's been ground down one too many times and it seems the only real fix is to replace the whole arbor. I got the old one out after guessing the wrong way on which direction to press it out. The old arbor is octagonal and has a...
  13. MartinM

    Atmos 4th Wheel Pivot Repair

    I've looked around and don't see anything about actually doing the pivot replacement on this one. I haven't even removed the movement, yet and would like to assess whether I can tackle this one. I have the hand and what's left of the pivot. How does the wheel come apart in order to mount it in...
  14. MartinM

    Junghans ATO/ATO MAT Prices

    I like the Junghans ATO clocks with the magnetic rod and coil(s) and often search for them on various sale and auction sites. In the results that are returned, the bulk are early quartz clocks that I don't see as being anything special commanding several hundred dollars. Am I missing something...
  15. MartinM

    19th Century French Patent Searches

    Where would one go to see a certain patent in the French system from 1847? Specifically, I'm trying to find Antoine Redier's original patent for the alarm clock. The one which functions as a simple countdown timer with a maximum period of 12 hours. French patent 'pour réveille matin' 21...
  16. MartinM

    Which Diana Pendulum?

    Picked this up in an auction a while back and am just now getting to it. It didn't have a pendulum. Can anyone tell me which of the various Diana pendulums should go with it?
  17. MartinM

    Tiffany Help

    Didn't want to threadjack the other thread running for Tiffany flutter. I just got one that's fluttering, but I think it's due to a broken 'pin' on the lower part of the ratchet that interacts with the armature. Could someone post a pic of their clock so I can see how it's supposed to look and...
  18. MartinM

    ST2 - Repro Movement Problem

    I did a repro ST2 ~a year back and used one of the unmarked rectangular movements Merritts had available at the time. The clock ran... Okay, initially and was a runner for ~six months before it stopped after winding, one day. Now, I can only get it to run for between 1 and 3 days if the beat is...
  19. MartinM

    Retirement Gift for a Co-Worker

    A co-worker is retiring after 35 years and I wanted to restore a clock for her as a retirement gift from the team. I have a lot of clocks in need of restoration and a lot of spare parts, so I asked my team to look at images for anniversary, torsion, 400-day clocks and send me pics of the ones...
  20. MartinM

    Etlage Reclame Parts or Info Needed

    Working on a clock for a fellow repairer. Presented with a clock and no motor, I believe I have sourced a serviceable replacement, But it looks like it will probably require some machining on my part. Here's what it looks like: The motor...

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