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    Heat bluing clock hands with heat gun

    You probably heated it too much and too fast. Orange-red is the other end of the heating scale. Heat with a smaller flame. The slower the heating, the better the control and the better you will see the colors. I use an alcohol lamp for bluing. Sharukh
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    Frogs, using a frog.

    Take a look at this video. Seems just in time. Sharukh
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    Help verifying grease/oil for mainspring?

    Including mainsprings ? Sharukh
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    Unknown wacthmaker's tool to me

    It's a tool for installing rubbed in jewels. Sharukh
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    Precision Regulator / Piece Ecole

    Superb !! Sharukh
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    Duplicating Hamilton late 992B "Black" hand bluing

    Thank you Karl. Sharukh
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    Duplicating Hamilton late 992B "Black" hand bluing

    Hello Karl, What oil do you use ? And how do you go about it ? I've attempted this a few times with forgetable results. Sharukh
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    Lorch lathe dissamsembly

    No the rings are not broken. Remove both rings by spreading the slot with a screwdriver and they usually pull off. Remove screw 1 then screw 2. Gently tap the spindle out from the direction of screw 1. Do not use a metal hammer. If you don't have a rubber or nylon hammer, use a piece of wood...
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    Looking For My First Lathe -- And Some Questions About A Top Contender

    I believe he is an architect by profession. In one of his videos he mentions a mentor whom he used to visit secretly before the unification. He does not mention his mentor's name. Sharukh.
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    Repairing porcelain dial

    Try using a clear epoxy with acrylic paint / stain. Also, take a look at Efcolor though it now seems to be not so widely available. Sharukh
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    Look what the postman delivered

    Could you please send me the link by PM too ? Thank you. Sharukh
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    Mainspring Winders

    There's a pretty comprehensive review of the chinese mainspring winders here Spoiler alert, he says NO ! hth, Sharukh
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    Can anyone identify this tool??

    I haven't read Daniels, but wouldn't that be tin and not zinc ? Sharukh
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    Glue for enamel dial repair

    Shutterbug, Care to explain how that is used ? Sharukh
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    8mm Chinese collets

    Hello Rob, Unfortunately I have not found manufacturer of watchmaker lathe collets. I was talking about ER collets for lathe and mill work as well as in my gear cutting machine. Sharukh
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    8mm Chinese collets

    After our recent punch up (literally) between the Indian army and the PLA at the border at Galwan, a lot of goods from China are now unavailable to us in India. Good riddance. This means no ebay purchases, no banggood, no aliexpress etc. I'm giving Indian manufacturers for ER collets a keen...
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    Home made bushing tool

    Hello Karl, James Lea passed away a few months ago. Sharukh
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    Gear cutters

    Thornton's seems to still make new cutters for clock wheels and pinions. So does Bergeon I think. Not cheap at all. And then there is the great auction site; either for used cutters or new ones made in china. Sharukh
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    G. Boley Lathe

    I agree. I picked up a Rivett lathe (no collets, drawbar or tip over tool rest). What can I say, the price was so low it would have been a crime to let it go. It was dirty and caked in crud. Headstock was stuck. Tailstock was stuck. Soaked everything in kerosene for a couple of days then a...
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    Help How to ID staking set parts ?

    Hi 60minuteman, Take a look here. Inverto 18R Deluxe - Pictures hth, Sharukh

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