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    Source for spade-/flat pivot- and EUREKA drills Down-Under

    A modeller colleague in Australia is looking for a supplier for the above drill types. Any ideas and suggestion. Thanks on behalf of this colleague ! P.S. Do not suggest to make the spade drills yourself, as he does not have the equipment to grind the points of drills down to 0.3 mm diameter.
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    A Lorch-Micromill that never was ...

    Micro-Milling machine The complex manual machining of very small parts on a milling machine requires smooth and precise movements of the slides as well as small masses to be moved. The slides of a watchmakers lathe fulfill these requirements. In addition, work-pieces and tools should be...
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    Unusual attachment for a D-bed lathe ...

    I recently obtained an unsual attachment for a D-bed lathe: I have seen similar coming up at auctions before. I believe it is device for grinding lathe centres. It is clamped to lathe instead of a T-rest and the 6 mm stem fits the typical D-bed lathe. The revolving spindle, which is driven...
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    LEVIN - Lorch, Schmidt & Co. Compatibility

    Does anyone know, whether Lorch WW parts would fit onto a heavy (square) LEVIN bed. I don't want to mix the different makers parts, just to use the heavier LEVIN bed. Anyone out there, who has both and can try ? Thanks, wefalck
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    Ring-light for my Wolf, Jahn & Co. milling machine

    I thought I should post a few pictures of a (hopefully) useful gadget I made over the last few days: Ever since I came across the LED ring-lights for cameras and microscopes, I thought something like this would also make a good illumination for the milling machine. However, all these lights...
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    Another unidentified lathe

    The lathe below is currently for sale on ebay: Many years ago in a lot sale I obtained an identical tailstock, but there are no maker's markings and it is not in De Carlè's book. The bed is narrower than the WW-bed. Does anyone know by chance the maker ? wefalck
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    Square chuck

    I pride myself with knowing almost everything about watchmakers lathes :rolleyes:, but the use of this one (as seen on e..y) in a watchmaking context eludes me: Anyone any idea what specific use it was designed for ? wefalck
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    Dmensions of Levin lathes

    Does any know, or perhaps can measure it, whether the large Levin lathes (those with the square bed) have standard WW-dimensions ? wefalck
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    Pocket Watch Case Tools

    At the the annual Foire des Outils Anciens in Bievre near Paris ( I chanced upon a large set of metal spinning tools and it followed me home as a birthday present by my wife :excited: I am reasonably familiar with spinning tools in principle (though...
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    Horological machine tools at the Musee des Arts et Metiers, Paris

    Over the weekend I (re-)visited the Musée des Arts et Metiers here in Paris and took some pictures of antique horological machine tools: (scroll almost to the bottom of the page). Enjoy ! wefalck
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    Other shop-made steady rests for the watchmakers lathe

    The ordinary fixed steady that comes with the watchmakers lathe is just too clumsy and does not close well enough for miniature work. To overcome this I designed a miniature steady that can be finely adusted in height and horizontal centre. In principle it can accomodate work down to zero...
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    Dismantling Seitz jewelling tool

    I recently acquired a lonely (this means without tooling except for the centering plunger) Seitz jewelling tool with a view to adapt it to some special purpose. It seems, however, that the micrometer drum is stuck. As far as I can see (the instruction manual that I found on the Web does not help...
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    Blueing steel parts

    The recent post on the 'blueing contraption' reminded me to mention here the effective 'abuse' of a tool I bought a short while: an electrical hot-air soldering gun. It was about 50 EUR including shipping from Hongkong. The temperature can be set in the range 100°C to 450°C and hence it works...
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    Making square bores

    I know how in an industrial context (drop forging, reaming) one would make square bores such as e.g. in winding keys. Any ideas for their artisanal fabrication, particularly, if they are not through-holes ? The size I am looking at is 2 mm square. wefalck
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    Looking for 8 mm Geneva-type headstock

    I am looking for a Lorch, Schmidt & Co. or Wolf, Jahn & Co. 8 mm left-hand heastock for a D-bed lathe. In the German ebay they pop up now and then, but are invariably right-handed. It doesn't have to be particularly nice, as I only want it to permanently set up a 'finishing lathe' for sawing...
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    Rare lathe accessories wanted ...

    BTW, I would like to complete my collection with any of these items: 90 deg tailstock / fixed steady for a D-bed lathe, LS&Co. no. 58e: Collet-holding screw-feed tailstock for LS&Co. or WJ&Co. 8 mm WW-bed(!) lathe (they are listed in the catalogues without picture). I have one for the...
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    Disassembling Lorch WW Screw-Tailstock

    Hello to everyone, just joined this forum ... Although I consider myself reasonably knowledgeable concerning watchmakers' lathes ( one thing has puzzled me for quite some time: how to disassemble a Lorch WW screw-feed tailstock ? The ball-handle crank is...

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