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    hoop and spike

    This is the first of these I have seen and probably the oldest I have worked on. Any ideas as to country of origin and date? It appears all original. It has a v channel rather than toothed sprocket so the rope is clearly correct. Someone did a crude job of adjusting the escapement depth so I...
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    Unconventional ? shelf clock

    Anybody know origin of this clock? Unusual features: Hour hand hub is threaded on hour tube Chain made of sheet brass instead of wire .8mm thin plates like a cheap novelty clock movement top of case is 39 x 5.75 inches with a half round channel running the width 2 inches from back as if it...
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    Sam Groff 1731 Tall case?

    A customer has a 1 day tall case from late husband's family that supposedly was passed down from colonial times. Can any one verify that this is reasonable? It is unsigned other than "1730" painted on the back of the moon dial. Was this ever done by the original dial painters? A note is...

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