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    Making a Crystal

    I made this video I thought you guys might like. While the subject is a crystal for an indicator, it might work for watches as well. i can't believe even after I cut and cut I still managed to drone on for 17 minutes.....making slick videos is bloody difficult but I'll keep working on it! Mike
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    Drying and treating ferrous parts after ultrasonic cleaning

    Ultrasonic cleaners do a great job obviously, but anything made of steel wants to rust about instantly after cleaning. For a lot things I work on (not horology) I dry the parts with paper towels and spray with some WD40 (which, useless in so many ways, is a good water displacer) This works for...
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    19th c Longcase Clock - what can you tell me about it?

    I've been tyring to learn more about longcase clocks and am interested in purchasing this one. I know the photos aren't great but its all I have. From the general proportions, look and dial, my guess is its a English mahogany 8 day clock, mid 19th century? But I lack experience so would love...
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    Help with slide rest feedscrew nuts

    Here's a photo of a lathe I'm working on, a Schaublin 70 The feedscrew nuts are the two round things visible on the slide surface. They are a press fit into the slide rest base. Why are there two? One idea is its some sort of antibacklash or backlash reduction arrangement (commonly done...
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    English long case clock crutch repair questions.

    Hello, i bought an English long case clock (I believe its from around 1820) that has a broken crutch rod and a bracket that looks a little squeezed in. The first three photos show the broken and bent into a pretzel rod the crutch hangs from. I find it interesting how the steel/iron rod has...
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    Making parts for a Schaublin

    Some show and tell from thew new guy :) . I did this a year or two ago, but thought you guys might get a kick out of it. I had a Schaublin 70 lever tailstock that was missing its drawbar and lever. I also had a 70 I was planning on selling that had these parts, so I figured I'd better copy...
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    WW83 Bearings and clean up/paint job

    I'm fairly new here, and come to watch clocks as a bit of a newb, but with a fairly in depth machining background. An admitted toolaholic, watches and clocks are another reason to acquire more tools. I've got a bunch watchmakers/instruments lathes and just recently added this Boley & Leinen...

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