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  1. Diane Burghardt

    Alfred Lowrey wood works ogee clock

    Another clock story I think interesting. A widow had been cleaning out her garage and found this clock belonging to her late husband. She brought it to an old clock repairman friend of mine who had no interest in wood works clocks. He then called me with an unusual request "come over right now...
  2. Diane Burghardt

    Jerome and Darrow "thin movement" questions ?

    I enjoy running my wood works clocks. I have just completed (hopefully) the repairs to a Jerome & Darrow "thin movement". It had been "repaired" by some well meaning soul in the past, and that venture made it impossible to run. So, with the rework behind me I would like to know if anyone has/is...
  3. Diane Burghardt

    Iron front help please

    A friend of mine was/is moving and downsizing. So, he gave me two iron front CASES ONLY. I really like them and would like to put them back together properly. I do not know what movement goes in either case. The first one is a Bradley and Hubbard and the second one is a Gilbert clock company...
  4. Diane Burghardt

    B. & H. Twiss, another Meriden, Ct. shelf clock!

    Good day all. Getting a little quiet in wood works, so perhaps you would like to look at this. Recently, I posted an Orrin Cook clock from Meriden Ct. Well, it appears I am trying to corner the market on Meriden clocks. So, I had to buy this Meriden clock sold by B&H Twiss. Perhaps, most are...
  5. Diane Burghardt

    Top shipping/packing block-George Mitchell

    I answered a post in newest acquisitions, questioning what the dowels were for in the base of some wood works clocks. Sometimes they are still present in clocks with paw feet. I have a couple. Most know they were for shipping/packing the clocks in crates for transport. My response seemed to draw...
  6. Diane Burghardt

    Any other examples of Orrin Cook clocks ?

    Some time ago, I acquired this clock for a reason, in addition to my usual one of yes, there is still wall space available somewhere. The clock is labeled to Orrin Cook in Meriden, Connecticut. My husband was born and raised in Meriden so, this made the clock a must have. It is a typical half...
  7. Diane Burghardt

    Replacing tablet putty-Peter Nunes

    I believe I read some while back about using plaster of paris to replace the old putty. However, I cannot find the thread. I believe Peter Nunes made that suggestion. I think he mentioned using acrylic paint to dye the plaster of paris. My question is how and what proportion of paint to plaster...
  8. Diane Burghardt

    Need another set of eyes, please

    I hope someone sees something wrong in these photos. If I had the talent it would be a video. This movement runs for 2-3 weeks fine. Then quits constantly, verge rocking between teeth and not running the movement. Strange it will run for so long? Looks to me like entry and exit of the verge on...
  9. Diane Burghardt

    Smith clock question

    Happy Holidays to all. I do hope with all the holiday activities some will have time to read and comment on my post. I purchased a Henry C. Smith 1/2 column and splat clock at a local estate sale a few months back (just getting to it now). It was moldy, mildewed and filthy!! The door was off and...
  10. Diane Burghardt

    Barn(e)s label question

    I purchased this clock a few years back and have been unable to satisfy my curiosity concerning its history. It is a very basic clock, and I purchased it only because of the label interest, well and I like groaners. I will try to insert photos. It has a full over-paste label where someone in the...
  11. Diane Burghardt

    wood works groaner question

    I'm a newbie to the woodie forum but I have been fascinated with wood clock movements for about 3 years. I'm particularly intrigued with groaner movements. I have been working on a Daniel Pratt, Jr.(undated label) mirrored pilaster. This movement challenged me in the repair of gear teeth and...

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