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  1. Cary Hurt

    Watch Open Watch Parts Wanted

    Post your requests for parts needed to complete your repairs/projects here. Please use the Conversation function to make your deals. This forum is intended for immediate or short term parts needs. If you have an ongoing or permanent want, please use the "Want to Buy" forum at the bottom of...
  2. Cary Hurt

    Thomas Russell

    I know this is a wristwatch, but I'm looking for information that I think will be more quickly found in the European forum... there are some perplexing details about this one. I recently acquired this nice 9K trench watch via eBayUK, and was quite pleasantly surprised when it arrived. I was...
  3. Cary Hurt

    0 size South Bend

    Hi everyone, I know this is cased as a wristwatch, but I expect that I'll find more information about it in the PW forum. I recently acquired this little gem from a seller in the UK. It needs a good cleaning, and some proper hands, but it's a neat piece. My questions concern the movement, as...
  4. Cary Hurt

    12 size Illinois

    While I'm primarily a wristwatch guy, I do have a weakness for 12 Sizes. I recently picked this one up quite favorably, and would appreciate any insight into what I have. It's very clean, and has beautiful sun ray damascening that hardly shows in the image. Thanks in advance, Cary...
  5. Cary Hurt

    Winding parts problem

    All, I've just received an early Gruen wristwatch, fitted with a very rare caliber 47 movement. So far so good, but when I go to set the hands, the winding action is hard and jerky, so I know something is amiss. On closer inspection, I find that the under dial parts have bound up and been...
  6. Cary Hurt

    Hamilton 985

    What information can some of the Hamilton experts give me about this movement? All I know is that it's an 0 size, 19 jewel, grade 985 and it needs to be cleaned. Thanks in advance, Cary
  7. Cary Hurt

    Movement ID help

    Anyone recognize the base for this DOXA movement? It's small (8 3/4 ligne I think) and it's old (mid 1920s or so) and someone butchered the foot of the balance cock at some point in the past, to fit an incorrect staff, I guess. It's also pretty...
  8. Cary Hurt

    Henry VIII's Astronomical Clock - Hampton Court

    Another picture from my recent time in Europe. This is the famous astronomical clock in the interior courtyard clock tower at Hampton Court Palace. Originally installed in 1528, survived several upgrades and modernizations. Last major renovation...
  9. Cary Hurt

    Help with unknown pliers...

    Hello all, I recently bought a pliers lot on eBay, just to get a pair of those pliers made withthe row of holes to hold hands for broaching. I bid what I was willing to pay for just that one pair, and lo and behold, I won the whole bunch. Now one of the other pair was a bow closing pliers, but...
  10. Cary Hurt

    Gruen duo-dial question

    I have a technical question for you all regarding a watch I just received. It's a Gruen duo-dial doctors watch, with the 500dd movement. It's a bit like Hamilton's 980-B duo dial, in that it's a traditional movement with a plate on top that holds the mechanism which allows the off-center hands...
  11. Cary Hurt

    L & R Vari-Matic problem...

    Hello all, Last spring I acquired a '60s vintage L & R Vari-Matic cleaning machine with the Ultrasonic transducer. This is a well maintained unit that came from a working shop. It functioned well for several months, but has recently developed a problem. Apparently, whatever triggers the change...
  12. Cary Hurt

    Gruen center wheel

    Myron, If you still need this part, please contact me. It should also interchange with the center wheel from the 335 caliber Gruen movement. Cary Hurt

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