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    recommendation for a Swiss watch repair?

    I'm just a naive collector, and usually only buy American watches, but I picked up this Swiss (I presume) keywind at a recent NAWCC Regional show. It's roughly the same size as an American 16-size watch. On the curvette (which I couldn't get a good photo of), it says "15 Rubis--Spiral...
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    Waltham 12-size--that's a fraction too big

    Not long ago I purchased an empty Philadelphia gold-filled 12-size case on that well-known auction site. I bought it because it was in almost-new condition. I decided it deserved a fairly high-grade movement, so I turned to the same auction site and found a 12-size Waltham Riverside movement...
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    Can you recommend a repairman?

    I have just a few European watches, but one is this keywind Swiss(?) watch, roughly 12-size. The movement is unmarked: the case has a serial number but no hallmarks; the curvette is marked "Cylindre" and "8 Rubis"--I assume that means it has 8 jewels and a cylinder escapement. I bought it...
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    Geo. carley & co. watch--how old is it?

    I normally collect American-made watches, but I picked up a British watch the other day. I'm trying to figure out how old it is. It is a key-wind/key set, about 16-size, open-face. The movement is marked "Geo. Carley & Co., 30 Ely Place, London," and "no. 26742." The hallmarks indicate the...
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    Davis Bros & Co case

    I have a watch case marked "Davis Bros & Co"; underneath this is "Banner"; underneath that is "Gold filled." There is also a trademark--a maple leaf with an "E'" inside it. I can't find any information on Davis Brothers & Company. I noticed that the identical trademark is used by the P. W...
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    Watch Case Makers resource--what happened to it?

    I used to be able to go to a page on this website that provided information about various watch case manufacturers. I had it as a "Favorite" on my computer, but when I let my cursor hover over it on the Favorites list, it shows as ""...
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    Question about Hamilton model 22

    Can anyone tell me if the Hamilton 22 had a "hack" feature? Thanks.

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