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    Gilbert arbor

    Just stripped down my first American clock, a Gilbert 1886 mantle clock for cleaning having trouble getting the arbor out ,the count wheel is riveted to the barrel and the ratchet won't budge and i don't want to force anything in case i damage something. I need to get the mainspring out to...
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    Smith's clock

    Hi can anybody help me get this winding key off it seems to have a type or tension washer at back i don't want to force it in case it breaks it seems to have a slight crack in it already. Thanks
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    Hi all wondering if someone can help me clock i am working on, clutch A in photo is catching on wheel B i need to bush C could that have anything to do with the clutch hitting the wheel or is it something to do with the clutch itself, thanks in advance
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    Hi all i wonder if anyone can help me , i live in the UK and finally finished my Kundo (KO) clock and have somehow lost the two screws that hold the guard that helps protect the suspension spring,:rolleyes: is it possible to buy these screws from somewhere i have looked on the web at...
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    Hi i need to replace this rivet on the click i have never done anything like this before, so can anyone advise me how to go about it what tools what type of rivets steel or brass.Thanks in advance Paul
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    One Day HAC Clock

    I have stripped cleaned oiled this one day clock, the problem i am having is when i turn the adjuster at the rear of the clock it is tight to turn though it does move it is binding somewhere, the clock is beating fine but running slow, any ideas please
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    Clock I.D

    HI, all as a newbie to the clock world, i am after a bit of information about a new clock that's just arrived it's a HAC which i know is Hamburg American Clocks made in Wurtterberg and that's it, but i am interested in what kind of movement it is apart from being a single train. I have never...
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    H.A.C. key removal

    Hi all just received my first H.A.C. clock today could someone tell me if i am right in thinking after you remove the retaining clip the key should pull of,f i have tried pulling it put it is very tight, and i don't want to damage anything. And what is the best way restore the back plate or...

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