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    George Jones Wall Clock

    Hello All, I am in need of photos and measurements of the door trim pieces on a George Jones wall pin wheel regulator. I know that clockmogul has one but have not been able to get in touch. Thanks in advance, Randy
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    George Jones Pinwheel Regulator

    Hello All, I recently acquired a George Jones pinwheel wall regulator. The case is missing the trim pieces at the sides of the door. Top and bottom. I am hoping that someone would take close up pictures with a tape. Thanks in advance for your help. I sent clockmogul a pm I know that he has the...
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    Waterbury No 53

    Hello, Was the Waterbury No 53 offered in Cherry. I recently purchased one and it is not oak or walnut? Thanks in advance. Randy
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    Gilbert # 11

    Hello, Purchased a Gilbert #11 time only. The weight pulley board has been replaced. Did the time only model have the same pulley arrangement with multiple pulleys as the time and strike? Thanks in advance. Randy
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    Seth Thomas #1 Help

    Trying to repair the weight damage to a ST #1. Cut the strips individually 1/4"x 4" with notch to fit back board. Intent was to install the wood strips then veneer. The amount of sanding would be too much. Has anyone performed this repair and how was it done? I am going to next glue the strips...
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    Beat Scale

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for a Welch Spring & Company beat scale. Anyone have one? Thanks, Randy
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    Self winding 3 pole rotary

    I recently purchased a 3 pole rotary self winding works. After looking at the photos of the works on line, I believe it is the two pole rotary but this on has three poles. The works (seth Thomas) and the rotary attachment both have the same numbers 5244. Comments. Now looking for a case anyone...
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    Welch Spring & Co Help

    I believe that I have a Welch Spring & Co 30 day regulator #2 in very bad shape. I first though it was a Atkins 30 day extra but not so. The problem that I have is that the dial is almost 20" in diameter. All the descriptions I have seen are 18"dials. Did Welch offer this in a 20" dial? The...
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    Help Identify

    Hello, This clock I just picked up yesterday. The photo isn't very good but I hope someone might recognize the case. The dial is 21"in diameter. I haven't measured the length. Time only double weight. Solid rosewood and rosewood veneer. Worst varmint infestation I have seen. I will post...
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    E shaped upper block

    Any idea which companies primarily used the e shaped upper block? I recently purchased a disc pendulum clock with no markings other than some numbers in the lower right of back plate and a K in the lower left. No "made in" indication. I have taken some pictures and will try and post later...
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    Chances of finding a Mark Leavenworth works.

    What do you think the chances are to find a short drop Mark Leavenworth works? I just looked at a clock that I would love to have but has a unmarked brass work in place. If the chances are reasonable I plan to purchase the clock. Thanks, Randy
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    Library Suggestions

    What programs would you recommend from the NAWCC Library for Tiffany Never Wind-Bulle-Poole repair/restoration. Thanks, Randy
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    Locked Account

    How is the Administrator contacted? My account is locked due to incorrect log in attempts. I would like to use the library and cannot until my acccount is unlocked. Thanks, Randy
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    Batteries for Tiffany Never Wind

    Hello, I searched for batteries for the Tiffany Never Wind. John Hubby posted a source, does anyone know if that is still valid or know of another source. Thanks, Randy
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    Hello, I have a ITR master which has one gear that has loose ball bearings on one side which I promptly lost and replaced. My question is the back plate has the small ball bearings along with what appears to be a flat washer that holds the bearings in place. The front plate the same gear has...
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    Wood case Gustav Becker

    Hello, Just purchased a wood cased with 4 beveled glass lift off surround. I need parts for the clock and was hoping to have some help here. I need all the spring suspension items, blocks upper and lower as well as the fork. If you have these please PM me. I will post the number and pictures...
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    wiring for ITR Master

    Hello, Does anyone have a wiring diagraham for a ITR master with the two weights and 110 motor? Thanks, Randy
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    Frick Clock

    Is this Frick clock a master clock? I have a Frick Master that has the brass disc and seperate spring works and seperate wiring for slave clocks. This clock does not have nor has it ever had the disc. Take a look at the pictures and tell me what you think. Thank, Randy
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    Self Winding Running Fast

    Hello, Recently acquired a self winding carved case model 29. The clock is running with two areas of concern. 1-The pendulum has very little movement. Is that normal? 2-The clock is gaining 15 minutes in 24 hours. The rating nut is lowered as far as it can go. What do I do next? Or what could be...
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    String Inlay--Balloon Clock

    I have a English Balloon clock with sting inlay on the face. It appears that the clock has been refinished with a dark stain. I have sanded down the finish as I had no other option. The inlay is not any lighter in appearance. The face also has a medallion which has a lighter color inlay. The...

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