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    Why Did They Break? How Do You Prevent?

    What the others have said. I can only add that I had problems with a batch of low priced mainsprings. The inner coils were poorly formed and it proved impossible to get them properly formed without them breaking right away even if the temper was drawn before reforming. Do not buy the lowest...
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    Losing the will to live with NEW Hermle

    Clip, It is not easy to tell much from the video. Is the hair spring touching any place other than the regulator slot? If the next coil is touching the regulator that would make inconsistent gaining. Also oil on the hairspring could make coils stick together and gain. Many repairmen find...
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    Adjusting an Unadjustable Escapement Pallet Depth Hermle 1191-853 H.S. 114 cm/60

    Michael, your Hermle 1161 should have 5.7lbs for the time weight. If you are using way more than that it could be the problem. You can change the depthing as you suggested but that changes the escapement geometry in several ways. If the depth is not the real problem then you will introduce...
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    Need HELP Identifyng Clock! German Movement & Potential Mis-Matched Case

    If the setting friction is too light it could slip when the clock tries to trip the strike. Or the setting friction could be adequate but something binding in the motion works so the hands do not turn but the clock has enough power to run while setting friction slips. Steven Sandberg Malaga WA
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    Westminster chime Mantle clock

    Fenner, As for you problem with the strike, a picture of the front of the movement may help someone provide an answer. Steven Sandberg Malaga WA
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    How to service this Sessions lantern pinion?

    In the examples of this I have seen there is no problem removing the shroud. It is on the full diameter arbor. The reduced area is only out side the shroud. Why it was reduced, I do not know. It does make it easy to get the shroud back to the original position on reassembly. Steven Sandberg...
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    A 26 tambour Ansonia mantle clock

    I am not sure what configuration A26 has but I am guessing the gathering pallet is not positioned correctly. I would get the train set up with the warning wheel positioned properly and then put he gathering pallet in place so it allows the rack to drop freely after the warning run. Steven...
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    Unusual Plymouth Tambour - Need Advice

    From what Rob said I am guessing the quarter snail "thingy" was off position so the large notch that allows the rack to fall for the hour strike was not under the rack tail on the hour. He positioned it by trial and error and all is well. If it is a bit loose it may get out of position when...
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    Cuckoo Music Box Problem

    One more possibility for the ticking sound; The depthing between the wheel on the drum and the pinion on the governor unit. I just had that occur today. You may see the fan do a little dance with each tick. Adjust the depthing of the governor unit with the drum wheel until it runs smoothly...
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    Disassembling Cheap Windup Alarm Clock

    I will add that being cheap the second shaft is probably driven by a plastic wheel and the shaft will pull out of the wheel before the hand comes off! Steven Sandberg Malaga WA
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    Fan governor getting stuck on drum

    I suspect the original material was leather. A bit of glove leather should do the trick. As for "getting stuck" I am not sure what you mean, but the tension on the wire spring attached to the governor must hold the lever back until the proper fan speed is reached. Welcome and I hope the group...
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    Warren Warren Clock Co Master Clock Type B Modified Dial motion work? HELP PLEASE

    Sorry, I did not make my self clear. I was referring to the motor field in the second set of pictures. It looks like a couple pieces of metal glued in with JB Weld bridging the field gap. I can not imagine what someone was thinking in doing that. Steven Sandberg Malaga WA
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    Hermle 1161-853 movement issues

    I have a 2071 in shop. On it the night silence lever slides a wheel and cam forward to clear for 24hr chiming and back to bring the cam to position to engage a cam riding lever that prevents the chime from tripping during night. Like Shutterbug said you will probably need to remove the dial to...
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    Junghans 100 movement

    Is there a quarter hour cam between the plates on that empty shaft? From what I see in your picture it looks like the shaft may have only had a cam for lifting the strike release at the hour chime. I recall such a thing looking sort of like a comma , . The levers I see in the picture do not...
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    Warren Warren Clock Co Master Clock Type B Modified Dial motion work? HELP PLEASE

    What was someone attempting by adding the bridge across the gap in the field? I can't tell from the photo whether it is a ferrous metal bridge. That is an interesting addition on the dial. Since it greatly limits the range of the long hand it was expected that any drift would be kept small...
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    Ingraham Adrian Refresh

    That looks good! I am not sure what you mean by "slipping out of beat". It the crutch wire is loose on the arbor the beat may change and the wire should be tightened. Often the escape wheel will not be perfect and beat will cycle in and out as the escape wheel rotates. If the beat change is...
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    Petersen Clock

    I have a mantle clock in shop with that kind of click and ratchet. I suspect that was the cause of the bent arbor and bulging barrel. The click design just is not secure. In my case it tore teeth off the second pinion. If the owner ever decides to go for repair I will install a traditional...
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    How do I get movement out of case?

    I had one similar. As I recall, with the chime block loose it would slide out of the way just enough to work the movement out. There appears to be a bracket for locking the chime rods. Remove that if you have not already. And remove the chime drum and hammer assembly. It looks like the shaft...
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    longer pendulum makes it run faster?!?

    Lay the pendulum flat and find its balance point. That will give a good approximation of the center of gravity. I can't think of a reason for running faster when the bob is lowered. Steven Sandberg Malaga WA
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    hoop and spike

    Thank you Ralph, your lead was right on. It led me to an article in Mennonite Life discussing this very clock calling it the Hezekiah clock and now I recall that was the term the owner used for it. I did not realize I was working on a piece of art that an analysis had been done on! I will be...

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