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  1. neighmond

    strasser & rohde precision regulator

    I think it's a beaut! Easy to read too! I like your old Stromberg master too!
  2. neighmond

    1859 Appleton Tracy Co

    Here's its irish twin brother! And the moooooovement, #12300, with pinned plates.
  3. neighmond

    Earliest Numbered American Watch Co.

    12300, with pinned plates. It has a beautiful dial.
  4. neighmond

    Regula 72, Rebuild or Replace?

    Drill a hole all the way through the drum at the inside end of the crack and it shouldn't continue. Did the pot metal end of the drum swelling force it to crack? Bear in mind if the drum is distorted, it may affect how the treble pins and teeth interact. If you can stop the drum's distortion you...
  5. neighmond

    Columbus Private Labels

    Mine has a bog-standard movement, but a private label dial.
  6. neighmond

    Free to a good home

    I have an accutron test kit, and Henry Fried's repair manual, let me know if you need either.
  7. neighmond

    Three Of My Watches Stolen From Repair Shop!!

    Make sure you tell them if they find your goods at another pawnshop both of them can share in the reward, most pawnbrokers I know have at least some sort of relationship with others in their trade. another thing you do is put adds in the paper and social media that you are buying old watches...
  8. neighmond

    Three Of My Watches Stolen From Repair Shop!!

    Make it known to the pawnbrokers that you are willing to pay them well for their trouble, moreso if the perp goes up for it. Lots of pawnbrokers would gladly drop a dime on a thief since thieves make them look bad, especially if they get something out of it.
  9. neighmond

    Let's See Your Sangamo Specials

    here is my poor Getty Sangamo, it's a nice watch. Mooooooovement: Caseback:
  10. neighmond

    Scrapper's Hall of Shame

    i bet their mommas are so proud to have raised such a monster.
  11. neighmond

    JP Stevens 1882

    That's the real goods! It's a beaut! it should have a crystal over the movement also.
  12. neighmond

    8-Day Regula Pendulum Go

    how do the pads of the verge look?, is there a little shake between the leader and the crutch, and a drop of oil there? Is the leaf weight on the pendulum tight, and the pendulum hook tight to the stick?
  13. neighmond

    Regula 25 movements

    Any ideas when we can anticipate them?
  14. neighmond

    Elgin 12 size p.w. favorites

    2 twelve sizes I like: My great grandpa's. An antique dealer friend sold me this for a few dollars when I went to watchmaker's school.
  15. neighmond

    Watchmakers do it on a bench!

    Look at that poor thing! It's night and day after getting fixed up, isn't it?
  16. neighmond

    Watchmakers do it on a bench!

    My boss's dad built three of these benches, and had to build all three again when a fire spoilt the first three! The tops are Formica, the draw fronts are cherry, and the sides are cherry veneer. They are a joy to work at.
  17. neighmond

    Watchmakers do it on a bench!

    This is one beautiful bench! Was it very bad before?
  18. neighmond

    Watchmakers do it on a bench!

    Such fun! This thread is turning out to be a dandy!
  19. neighmond

    Watchmakers do it on a bench!

    Right side heading downward.
  20. neighmond

    Watchmakers do it on a bench!

    Center just over apron. Right, second from top.

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