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  1. Chris Radek

    Free to a good home

    The Accuquartz are definitely neat! I always grease and install the center wheel and 4th bridge, then flip it over and oil those two jewels, install hack and spring, fork and coils, then test current and timekeeping. If all is good with the fork and electronics, then oil the main bridge jewels...
  2. Chris Radek

    Poljot Watch - identifying movement

    Perhaps a Longines WL7 mainspring (for Longines 9LT) would work?
  3. Chris Radek

    Resilient banking, resilient lever

    In a properly working lever escapement, the lever can't accidentally get stuck on the wrong side of the impulse jewel, near the balance's neutral point (which is sometimes called "overbanking" and happens easily on a lever whose safety function is out of repair in some way, stopping the watch.)...
  4. Chris Radek

    George Daniel's Watchmaking understanding!

    A wobble stick. (This shows a fancy metal one, but I just use pegwood shaped with a razor blade)
  5. Chris Radek

    George Daniel's Watchmaking understanding!

    Do not make this too hard. Imagine a barrel 4mm tall and 12mm in radius, hold the bottom pivot in place and move the top pivot over 0.02mm. The barrel's edge will go up 0.06mm on one side and down 0.06mm on the opposite side. This is because 12/4 is 3; so if you move the top pivot any amount...
  6. Chris Radek

    Avoiding back pain

    Sit comfortably upright in a good chair, and then arrange to have your work surface at about chin level. You don't necessarily need fancy furniture for this, you can set an appropriate object on a table to get it the right height. I worked that way at a normal desk for a long time. Then, if...
  7. Chris Radek

    Av a look at this.

    Wow, a lovely movement but that poor case! You might find that it's got the wires because the lugs are hollow and can't really hold regular spring bars. Sometimes soldering in gold posts and using female spring bars is the ticket. But if the lugs are soldered on, you risk detaching them. It...
  8. Chris Radek

    American PW escapement Jewel repair Hamilton 992 Banking Pins and Cap jewels

    Wow, it sounds like you're tackling this methodically and your tool improvisation skills are first class. Well done. I also use a soldering iron (well, a fancy temperature controlled station) now, after Dewey shared his success, and it sure works better than the more traditional brass clamp...
  9. Chris Radek

    American PW escapement Jewel repair Hamilton 992 Banking Pins and Cap jewels

    Yes that's the repair that someone botched by moving the banking pin (and then bending it when they couldn't move it far enough.) The banking pins should be straightened and then set so the roller jewel enters the fork safely and properly, with just a little clearance from the horns, equal on...
  10. Chris Radek

    Free to a good home

    Yeah those are meant to be cleaned only with ultrasonic. If you break off pegwood in them, you'll have to press apart the whole setting and then reseat both jewels, which is hard. They aren't really meant to be taken apart and put back together. If you have one that's really screwed up, I'll...
  11. Chris Radek

    Free to a good home

    Terrific, that sounds like it's working right. If connecting it to the train makes the current go way up, the train isn't free. Check everything! Is the plastic washer on your sweep wheel ok? Do all wheels have a bit of end shake?
  12. Chris Radek

    What is it?

    Just measure what you have (thickness, height, length) and either order a suitable spring from a material house's catalog, or use the tables in the Swigart book as a cross reference to find a suitable common American spring specification, and get one on ebay or whatever. It looks like you have...
  13. Chris Radek

    Free to a good home

    You'll have to pull the second hand off, but otherwise, yes you can leave the dial side alone. You can just put the movement in the holder with dial/hands still installed. What is your plan to deal with the excessively high current? That might be the real problem, with a defect causing the...
  14. Chris Radek

    Dating a 214 Bulova Accutron

    Hi Chris, welcome to the forum! There were US-made and Swiss-made 214s. This is a Swiss case back (I know this because of the dash in the serial number) but I think the rest of the case, and the dial, are probably US models. The case back may be a replacement part. The movement will say...
  15. Chris Radek

    American Hamilton 992B pocket watch

    Hi Louis, welcome to the forum! If the watch was described as working properly (which would include that it's able to be set) you can always return it with the reason "not as described", no matter whether the seller says returns are "accepted". Ebay always allows returns for "not as...
  16. Chris Radek

    Free to a good home

    I can't tell - that might just be the tip of the pivot being misshapen. That's not going to bother anything in an Accutron. When you take it back apart, maybe you can get a better look. $60 is about the expected price currently!
  17. Chris Radek

    Free to a good home

    Not all, but most have one silver and one brass. But if the fork doesn't rub on anything yours are fine, that's their only job. I'm glad you have a working meter now! Your current is too high - if it remains that way when the collet is rotated to lift the drive finger, it's still the case...
  18. Chris Radek

    Free to a good home This problem is interesting. Here is a list of my assumptions: 1. This schematic is right (which means the meter itself indicates µA directly in this range without a shunt or divider or other trickery). 2. Your meter works...
  19. Chris Radek

    Omega Watch Crown for Reference #14770-1SC

    Oh ok you're describing a split stem! Are you sure that female stem part doesn't unscrew from the crown? Usually it does.
  20. Chris Radek

    M1908 Waltham Vanguard Balance Staff replacement pivot size

    Hi, welcome to the forum! If you have a remaining pivot, measuring that with a micrometer and matching it is probably the best strategy. Be careful, it requires a very gentle touch to measure like that. A pivot 10 will measure 0.10mm, pivot 11 will measure 0.11mm, etc.

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