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    Graver turning, face up or face down?

    haha, no problem...I was thinking Karl knows what is doing, what the heck am I missing? I wasn't thinking getting rid of the graver. The slide rest would have a hard time being as accurate; imo you can infeed more accurately with magnification that the clumsy dials on the slid rests....I was...
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    Graver turning, face up or face down?

    Hi Karl, Where did the negative rake for steel come from? I would fairly strongly disagree that its best for steel, but am curious of the reasoning. A bit of theory. ALL metal cuts by the pressure of the tool setting up a shear plane ahead of it. The lower the rake, the larger the shear...
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    Scroll saw advice sought

    mostly agree, mine was perfect and was $150. Used is the trick, but it takes patience. The old cliche, you want it fast, low price and high quality, pick two. Some guys though want the best and have the mental power to overcome the cheap gene and are able to just get what they want. My...
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    Scroll saw advice sought

    I'd look for a Hegner scroll saw, the one I have comes with a variable speed controller. Pricey but they are the best, and they come up used often enough. Die fillers pop up or aren't hard to make.....the hard part is finding a cache of files. I waited years until a box of them (a large...
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    Making a Crystal

    I made this video I thought you guys might like. While the subject is a crystal for an indicator, it might work for watches as well. i can't believe even after I cut and cut I still managed to drone on for 17 minutes.....making slick videos is bloody difficult but I'll keep working on it! Mike
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    Boley f1 repair questions

    what shame. That is a special lathe, my first thought is not to just start bending it by hand. There are proper ways to bring back a bent shaft and its unlikely one could get it right by hand and eye. The first thing is to indicate it like crazy so you can tell exactly where the error is -...
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    Levin thread cutting

    Nice project Mike, well done. Its entirely overrated. With HSS cutters, the cutting speed simply represents the theoretical max beyond which tool wear (vs removal rate) is no longer linear. There is zero penalty but production time for running more slowly.
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    Drying and treating ferrous parts after ultrasonic cleaning

    Mark, I think your approach is perfect and thanks for describing it. The problem is, I have only one customer, and he gets rather miserable when too many costs are passed along. While I don't shy away from, or perhaps more accurately, have a predilection toward professional equipment and...
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    Drying and treating ferrous parts after ultrasonic cleaning

    Well, that was a fail. I tried water based cleaner, water rinse then L&R watch rinse. It was ok for exposed parts, but the L&R did not displace the water in the nooks and crannies, e.g. where a pinion is pressed into a wheel. Under magnification I could see a bit of orange. :( I could make...
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    Drying and treating ferrous parts after ultrasonic cleaning

    thanks for all the input Thats actually a good point. I use L&R wash and rinse for watches in an L&R machine and love the job it does. I use my ultrasonic cleaner a lot, for non-horological stuff, and like the easy disposal and low cost of water + concentrated cleaner. But I get the point...
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    Help verifying grease/oil for mainspring?

    right, understood....I was more getting at I don't think a 0-20 is going to be any different than 0-40 given the operating temps of a clock, but I've been wrong before :) PS... I don't believe its a concern with engine oil, but if substituting different things for clock oil make sure there are...
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    Drying and treating ferrous parts after ultrasonic cleaning

    Ultrasonic cleaners do a great job obviously, but anything made of steel wants to rust about instantly after cleaning. For a lot things I work on (not horology) I dry the parts with paper towels and spray with some WD40 (which, useless in so many ways, is a good water displacer) This works for...
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    Help verifying grease/oil for mainspring?

    A question for you Gents. I was scouring looking for ideas on oiling and found this thread. What I don't understand is why all multi-weight oils are being used/recommended? These are engine oils, and as I understand how they work, they will be at the low weight at room temperature and will...
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    An arduino based timer

    Thanks for sharing. What is the time reference source? There some accurate oscillators nowadays, (1/1,000,000 - 1/10,000,000 iirc) for small dollars but a typical computer or microprocessor oscillator isn't very accurate and will drift with temperature changes. Angels dancing on pin heads...
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    Levin Hard Lathe Tailstock Alignment Issue

    I do quite a bit of machine tool reconditioning. When you get wear that takes the geometry out the shape and size its suppose to be in, its almost always fixable, but it is a big undertaking. I'll say the following is the 'proper' way to address the situation, but get that many/most won't have...
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    Jars for L&R Master watch cleaning machine

    Yes, no modification needed (or wanted on my part). As I said, the only issue was the switch on the bottom of the head does correctly engage. There's a simple 3D printing solution or turning solution to that, just make a ring that sits on jaw when in use. The ones you found may be the same...
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    What Mill to purchase?

    There are lots of little mills that you can have a lot of fun with. When you said bridges I was thinking watches and making those parts sets the geometry of the wheel train - that's going to need a lot accuracy, better than a thou, and few mills will be able to deliver. Hence my tour down high...
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    What Mill to purchase?

    Its a bit the hole in the donut, not much market for such a thing. There are a lots less expensive small hobby mills but you will be hard pressed to get the accuracy you probably want (its not needed for most models etc). Then there are much more expensive benchtop CNC mills that would give...
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    Are these all the tools I need to order to get started?

    a few have tried, but the rinse is quite important. Whatever you use has the potential to leave a residue. Not many formulas evaporate and leave nothing (or next to) behind. The MSDS has good hints, but we might purchase a retail solvent that has a tiny bit of say wax in it and they're buying...

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