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  1. captainscarlet

    Thread Jumpers

    On a number of occasions now after replying to a thread, seeing the result posted, and in the correct order, I have come back to the thread to find that a another poster has somehow got their post to show in the thread before mine. This usually makes my post look out of place, or even a...
  2. captainscarlet

    Movement identification please.

    Does anyone here have any idea who made this movement?
  3. captainscarlet

    Washington watch co (Senate) info requested.

    I recently acquired this watch and was hoping some of the experts on American watches could give me some more information. So far I have found that this watch was made by Illinois for Montgomery Ward and Co. It has a 17 jewel (Getty's?) illinois movement. Any and all information will be...
  4. captainscarlet

    American PW Bunn Special parts.

    Hi Chaps, Well I finally have time on my hands to get through a few projects and thought I would post here in the hope of finding some parts for the first. This I believe is a 1927 16s 60 Hour Bunn special which needs some hands, a new click spring and a couple of replacement screws for the...
  5. captainscarlet

    Movement identification please

    Well, I've been looking at movements so long now that I fear I'm going cross eyedNutjob Can anyone Identify this? I seem to remember seeing one years ago, but my memory has failed. Does anyone have any ideas?
  6. captainscarlet

    Greetings, and the inevitable question "Gustav Becker long case clock"

    Hello all, First time poster here. I've been a dedicated tinkerer of all things watch related since my military days. My Grandfathers Rolex military pocket watch was single handedly responsible for my interest in the mechanics of watches, as it was given to me when I was about 6. I promptly...

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