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  1. Jeff C

    Electric gallery clock identification

    Hi I was sent these pictures of a gallery wall clock that is in need of repair. Im having a hard time identifying the movement type. I see its electric. Not sure if its a pulse type that gets an electric signal or independent movement. They told me they were not aware of an additional controller...
  2. Jeff C

    American Clock identification

    Hi, I have this unmarked one weight wall clock I cant identify. The face may have been replaced and also the movement is unmarked. It looks old but I could be wrong. The glass also looks old. Thanks Jeff Campbell
  3. Jeff C

    Wall chapter markers

    Hi everyone. Im putting new electric motors in several clocks at this commercial business near me. What im looking for is these small 1 1/4" metal nail on chapter markers or time markers. Several of the clocks have them missing over the years. My goal is to at least match best I can . Some...
  4. Jeff C

    Gustav Becker hand question UNK

    Hi, I have this time only Gustav Becker and wondering what this small brass hand attached to an roman numeral chapter ring. It travels at the same rate as the hour hand. Thanks for you help Jeff
  5. Jeff C

    ITR Card punch mechanism

    I have this International Timer Recorder punch mechanism. I know nothing of these other than looking at online photos. This mechanism looks like its missing parts or maybe a different model as compared to others I have seen. Any comments would be appreciated. I would also like advise on...
  6. Jeff C

    Jauch PL 103 cable info.

    I was contacted from a customer out of town on a Jauch triple chime cable driven movement. It looks to be 5x5 and PL 103 . It needs new cables, does anyone know the specifics of the cables? Length,width and connection type. Thanks for your help Jeff
  7. Jeff C

    Vienna 2wt movement ID

    I have this two weight Vienna movement and wondering if anyone could identify the maker. There are no marks on the plates. If any other pics are required please let me know. Thanks Jeff Sorry the image flips when I post it
  8. Jeff C

    3mm wide mainspring

    I'm trying to find a hole end mainspring that is 3mm wide and approx 21' long. Any suggestions as to where I may find one. This is from a New Haven car clock out of a 1940 Ford Coupe. Thanks
  9. Jeff C

    New Haven car clock mainspring

    I have a broken inner mainspring from a New Haven car clock. It came out of a 1940 Ford. The width is 3mm and its .24mm thick or strength. Any suggestions where I could find a replacement? Its hole end. Im at a loss Thanks
  10. Jeff C

    Gut cord strength

    I have a tall case that I obtained needed weights for. The movement is a common English bell strike with gut cord . The weights I'm getting are 14 lbs each. Is this an ok amount of weight? I'm not sure of the max weight gut cord can handle. Thanks Jeff
  11. Jeff C

    Schatz Royal Mariner mainspring advice

    I'm replacing both mainsprings in a Schatz ships bell clock (one broke). I measured the existing spring and it is: 1/2"x.016"x45"(approx). The closest size I can find to replace it with is: 15/32"x.0165"x43" in the Timesavers catalog. Any advice if this would be an appropriate replacement...
  12. Jeff C

    Lawson Clock, General Time motor

    I have this Lawson clock with the General Time 1RPM motor. Has anyone familiar with working on the Lawson clocks came across this type motor and found any sort of replacement. Other Lawson clocks Ive worked on have had Hansen motors and were easy to find/replace. This is a picture of the...
  13. Jeff C

    Schatz Ocean Quartz movement.

    Hi, A customer brought me a Schatz Ocean Quartz ships bell clock. Does anyone know where I can obtain a movement for this clock? I can't find anything. Thanks Jeff
  14. Jeff C

    French Figural clock

    I had an inquiry about the repair of the figure on this French Figural clock. What Im trying to see if there is any reference picture of this out there. Apparently a clock just like this is located at the Huntington Museum in Pasadena, California. If anyone has a picture of this to reference...
  15. Jeff C

    Ninnes of Hythe longcase regulators

    I'm inquiring if anyone has heard of B. Ninnes mahogany longcase regulator clock? Here is a picture of one that was sent to me. I friend of mine wants to buy one of these and asked if I have ever heard of the maker. The clock is located in the UK. Thanks Jeff
  16. Jeff C

    ST Sonora dual Chime 104E

    I'm working on this Seth Thomas Dual chime Sonora chime clock. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me the purpose of this small lever mounted on the lower right front side of this chime unit. Its the ST 104E. I does seem to lock the ability to change the chimes even in between the quarters. I'm...
  17. Jeff C

    Herschede Electric Tambour cord end?

    I have this Herschede Electric Tambour clock that the cord plugs into the back of the clock then to the wall outlet. Unfortunately this cord and end are lost. Has anyone found some universal adapter that would work with this clock. My only other alternative is to wire it directly to the coil in...
  18. Jeff C

    Colonial Bell strike movement.

    I'm wondering if anyone could help me date this movement. Its out of an unknown Tall Case. Its a two wt bell strike movement. Its stamped: Colonial Mfg Co. 21771 I'm not even sure if this is some sort of marriage between the case and movement. The hour pipe has no pin to advance the...
  19. Jeff C

    Verdin Post clock

    Ive been asked to come look at a double dial Street/Post clock made by Verdin (assuming per customer). On one of the dials the time is not operating but the set motor seems to be fine. Probably a bad time drive motor. My question is is there an access panel to these clocks so I could change the...
  20. Jeff C

    Atomic High torque clock movement

    A customer brought me a rather large Howard Miller wall clock, the minute hand is 12". They want me to convert it to an Atomic or Radio controlled movement. Would anyone know who would have a High Torque Atomic movements? Thanks Jeff

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