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  1. Tim Orr

    18th c John Nicol Baht

    Good evening, all! Asking for a friend: Can anyone tell us about a Danish (Copenhagen) clockmaker from the late 18th century named John Nicol Baht? Thanks! Best regards! Tim Orr
  2. Tim Orr

    Can't renew membership - Website errors

    Good afternoon, Dave! I alerted the Membership Department at NAWCC HQ. Marlo Davis responded, and reports that there are ongoing problems with handling PayPal payments. You can contact her at: Best regards! Tim Orr
  3. Tim Orr

    Dirty Clock Face - clean it?

    Good afternoon, David! Seems like I've heard similar for dusting paper dials with oatmeal (or maybe grits). You might be able to absorb some of the greasy stuff. I don't like anything with water. You can get warping and wrinkling, even if the dial is well glued down. If it was glued with hide...
  4. Tim Orr

    Dirty Clock Face - clean it?

    Good afternoon, Czech! No soap, radio! (Sorry, old joke!) I wouldn’t put anything wet on a paper dial. You risk wrecking the dial or dissolving the ink! There used to be some stuff sold for drafting that seemed like it was tiny crumbs of erasers. You shook it onto the paper like pepper, then...
  5. Tim Orr

    Something else about crazy (cyanoacrylate) glue.

    Good evening, all! One more tragic recollection: About 6 years ago, I was getting ready to leave for an NAWCC convention. The night before, while packing, I discovered that the handle on my fancy TravelPro computer case (a premium for which I exchanged a bunch of points on my Amex card) was...
  6. Tim Orr

    Clock Electric Synchronome Trunnion needed

    Good evening, all! Have you looked into this online group? They seem to be really into British electromechanicals: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Group Owner: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Best regards! Tim Orr
  7. Tim Orr

    Something else about crazy (cyanoacrylate) glue.

    Good evening! A few weeks ago, after using cyanoacrylates for years, I had trouble getting the cap off and some spurted onto my cotton t-shirt. I saw smoke and "felt the burn." No flames, but I had a red mark on my belly for days! Left a big hole in the shirt too! Best regards! Tim Orr
  8. Tim Orr

    Using a UPS on a Synchronous Motor

    Howdy, Frank! This seems to me to be right in Ken Reindel's wheelhouse: For years, he's been making devices that allow USA users to run European audio equipment on USA current and vice versa. Part of, as he calls it, his "day job." Ken has told me that recent developments...
  9. Tim Orr

    SWCC SWCC mystery!

    Good afternoon, James! The clock in question was marked for 24v. Though you could measure the coil resistance and calculate the likely voltage from that. I note you have a "Six seconds" contact pair, just like what I was talking about above in using the clock to time long distance calls. No...
  10. Tim Orr

    Harbor Freight Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Good afternoon, Conner! I have one similar in size to the one you are looking at, and have used it successfully, just like RC. Mine is an older Harbor Freight model, and has no heat (but does get warm) or lid. It is a bit small, but it was what I could afford at the time, much like the...
  11. Tim Orr

    Chime problem

    Good afternoon, Kolarztn! Definitely need to see more, but the action reminds me of what happens when a strike mechanism stops with one or more hammers partially raised. It takes so much power to lift hammers when they're already partially lifted, that the thing almost stalls before going...
  12. Tim Orr

    SWCC SWCC mystery!

    Good afternoon, James! If you haven't yet, you should probably visit Ken Reindel's site, Ken is a consummate expert on electric horology – especially SWCC clocks – and is generous with his time and knowledge. The movement itself looks like a standard "F"-type, and there's...
  13. Tim Orr

    Post your Zoom Chapter Meetings Here

    Silver Star Fellow, National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors Home | National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc Chairman, NAWCC Time Symposium Committee Liveryman, Worshipful Company of Clockmakers (London) The Worshipful Company of Clockmakers Member, Antiquarian...
  14. Tim Orr

    zegar roczny

    Translations: Post #8 "Hello and one more German yearly clock" Best regards! Tim
  15. Tim Orr

    zegar roczny

    Good evening, Jerzy! Google Translate gives me this (from Polish): "Hello, here is the yearly clock in Poland, there are only four pieces I saw at a watchmaker, one of them" Cannot view your attachment. Best regards! Tim Orr
  16. Tim Orr

    Is this 1945 Longines worth servicing?

    Good afternoon, JJ! In my opinion, and please understand that I don't want to be insulting, this is like asking "How long is a piece of string?" If the watch were mine, and say, an heirloom from my paternal great-grandfather, and with a long family history, the repair fee might be of no...
  17. Tim Orr

    Makers mark question

    Good afternoon, Clockman! Crossed arrows are indicative of the Hamburg American Clock Company. Best regards! Tim Orr
  18. Tim Orr

    Post your Zoom Chapter Meetings Here

    Coming May 25 @ 11 am PDT, NOON MDT, 1 pm CDT, 2 pm EDT: Boulder Horological Society Zoom Hamilton Model 21 Marine Chronometer Reconstructed Tim Schulz continues his presentation on the Hamilton Model 21 marine chronometer: I have scheduled the next Zoom session which will cover the cleaning...
  19. Tim Orr

    2022 National Meeting Updates

    2022 NAWCC Convention Exhibit Preview OHIO Tall-Case Clocks Pre-1720 European Watches See them all in Dayton this June!

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