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    Watch Help Bulova 9AT

    Good day, I am seeking one of two parts. I am looking for a complete balance fora Bulova 9AT or a 9AT movement. My watch repairman accidentally damaged mine. I have looked in the usual places and this is why I am here. I would appreciate any insight Are there compatible complete balances that I...
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    Solid Gold Elgin In a “Book Box”

    Good Day, I acquired this watch in an obscure auction. The movement dates this watch to 1938. Its packaging is what is a mystery. It is shaped like a book. On the spine is Elgin. i would love to know more. The Book Box is in remarkable condition. you can use the pictures to evaluate the...
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    Solid 14 Karat Green Gold Bulova

    I was hoping to get more information about the watch pictured. It has been difficult finding any information. it is a solid 14 karat green gold white and black enameled bezel tonneau watch. I would appreciate any information.
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    Federal Crystal Cross Reference

    I need a crystal. The one I need I have a Federal Number for, but I need the equivalent in another brand / source. I hope you can help T11-230174 It is for the Bulova watch pictured below
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    18K Rose/White/Yellow Gruen Quadron

    I have just acquired a Special Gruen Quadron. I am looking to restore this proud Gruen from the forgotten ranks. I have sent the dial to ID for a new refinish with a pink / salmon colored dial. You can see the attached picture for reference. I am seeking period correct hands that would...
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    American PW Waltham Sterling Silver Depollier 3/0

    I am looking to replace the hands on the watch and a new dial. The movement number is 19585737. I would appreciate your help
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    Gruen Quadron Parts

    I would like some help in obtaining the following for my "just" started Gruen Quadron Collection. While I freely admit that I am not an expert and I am limited on parts knowledge, I am smart enough to know to ask an expert(s) The pictures show post what I need. The process has started to...

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