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    No problem!

    Pretty sure it'll buff out... :emoji_laughing:
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    American Waltham 1892-1893 Pocketwatch - Input requested, please

    This is being offered for sale locally for $155. Not being a "watch guy" (until maybe now), I only know what's in the pictures, the Word document, and: Crystal is missing S/N places it in the 1892-1893 timeframe Case is Illinois Watch Case Co., gold-plated, S/N places it in or after 1893 It is...
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    Clock Help ISO Waterbury Parlor 91 movement & gong/chimes

    Basically, I have all of t he visible exterior clock components - but at some point, someone converted this piece to a battery-powered movement. Any leads on a replacement movement would be appreciated! Attached is the best photo I can find, from the web. Thanks to all; Chilly
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    Fun Find - Swartchild & Co. Storage Unit

    The wife and I were out cruising small antique shops, and came across this. I balked at first, but then the wife INSISTED that I buy it. :) Lucky guy, huh? Anyway, I only see one item like it in eBay history, I don't know the asking price, etc... but the eBay listing says, ca.1899. Well, maybe...
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    Anyone recognize this English Pub clock?

    Ran across this for sale today… I like the looks of it, but some of its features make me somewhat wary. Sadly, the shop was not capable of providing in-depth discussions due to staffing problems (COVID-related). FYI - the seller's shop is an absolute heaven of beautiful items recovered from...
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    Jerome 8-Day Ogee - Interesting details, and questions

    My wife picked up this Jerome ogee 8-day "Albany" clock for me the other day (yes, I'm, a lucky dog!). All artwork, finish, and hardware appears correct, including the door pull, the mostly-intact walnut veneer, and the apparently hand-stencil-painted center panel... which I am unable to find a...
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    What is this wire for?

    Greetings! This E. Ingraham kitchen clock is my first experience with an Ingraham movement. Can one of you identify the wire that I'm lifting on my finger (see picture)? By its position, it seems as though it could be used to arrest the chime mechanism if a weight was attached to the bottom end...
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    Function Any specs available on this movement?

    Howdy, all! My big question first (story time later). Does anyone have the adjustment target specs for this movement? (pic 1 - 2). It's an 8-day Gilbert "Columbia"-model wall clock with T&S. It seems to keep best time right around 101.5 bpm. "PAT.JAN 11 1870" is stamped in the front, in a...

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