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    Bushing Question

    To see the original location of a pivot,it helps to reverse the direction of the train and the wear is in the opposite direction,or where the pivot moves pushing the train in the proper direction,is the wear.How do I determine the direction of wear of a verge arbor(between the plates...
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    Smooth Broaches For Wind Arbors

    I don't have any smooth broaches nearly large enough for wind arbors.Can I polish the brass bushing another way after using a large cutting broach? Thanks, Dave
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    Rebushing Intermediate Wheel

    What is the best way to re-bush the intermediate wheel that piviots on a post on the front plate?Thanks, David
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    Dutch 18th. Century Tall Clock

    I recently bought a Dutch tall clock made by Jan Breukelaar in about 1760. I understand that it has a strike system where on the half hr. it strikes the number of the coming hr. and at the strikes on a larger bell the number of that hr.I have only glanced at the movement so far to make...
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    Label With Adhesive Clear Plastic Over It.

    I have a Ingrahm shelf clock that somebody placed a self -adhesive clear plastic sheet over the whole label for some reason.I would like to remove it,if possible.I was thinking of soaking the whole backboard in minerial spirits with the hope that the plastic adhesive would be dissolved without...
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    Compounded Weight

    I have a Connecticut shelf clock with a compounded weight.The weight cord goes around a pulley and terminates at the top of the case via a hole in the top of the case.This may sound trivial,but what is the proper object to tie around the cord at the top of the case?I have a nut up there now. David
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    ST # 2 Stopped Running

    I have a ST #2 that had been running well until it ran down all the way.The weight was resting in the bottom of the case.When I wound it back up,it will only run for one hour or less.Is there any correlation between running down and now not running?Thanks, David
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    K&D Bushing Tool

    I have a K.&D. bushing tool with cast base and all.Can anybody tell me if KWM reamers will fit it?I need to order a new reamer and Time Savers has KWM and Bergeon reamers in their catalog.Thanks, Dave
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    Original Tablets

    I thought that it would be interesting to have a thread of original Tablets.Here is the bottom tablet in a Ives looking glass clock.
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    Alarm Mechanism

    I have a clock movement that has a wind arbor with a small drum for weight cord and escape wheel type teeth.There are holes in the plate that must have had a verge type arbor,which is missing.I'm thinking that the verge arbor would have been attached to the bell hammer.The alarm disc remains,but...
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    30 hr. Clocks

    I was wondering how many collectors wind 30hr. clocks every day to keep them running.I have more than a few 30 hr. wood works,but only keep a Bishop and Bradley pillar and scroll,a Hopkins and Alfred carved short case and a reproduction outside escapement Terry pillar and scroll running nearly...
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    Shellac Flat Additive

    Has anybody tried the shellac additive that makes the surface flat?It may be useful to use in areas where it is impossible to abrade the surface with steel wool. David
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    Western Clock Co.

    I have a balance wheel Western Clock Co. movement that won't run.The balance wheel is pivioted between two screws.It seems that it started having problems once I oiled the balance wheel piviots.Is it not right to oil the balance wheel?It is generally a cheap,low quality movement.Thanks, David
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    Sheet Iron

    Does anybody know of a source for old type sheet iron?I have a friend that needs to make a dial for an Ives mirror clock that takes a 12"x12" iron dial.He doesn't want to use sheet steel because it won't have the right feel or look right on the back side.It probably needs to be 1/16" thick or...
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    Briggs Rotory Timepiece

    I bought a Briggs rotory at the recent E.S.R. in Syracuse.It is missing the original wire or wires that motivate the pendulum.There is just a brass wire coil slip fit over the extending arbor that extends to push the bob.The clock runs for 2-3 hours max.before stopping.When stopped,the bob is up...
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    Intermediate Wheel Post

    I have a Massachusetts shelf clock where the post threaded into the front plate has the hole that receives a pin to secure the intermediate wheel is broken out.It is not totally destroyed,so I may be able to use thin copper wire through what is left of the hole and wrap it.Any...
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    Balance Wheel Clock Runs Slow

    I have a balance wheel timepiece that runs slow even when set to the max. rating.Is this a difficult fix? Thanks, Davids
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    Jerome Fusee running Fast

    I recently bought a Jerome indirect 8-day fusee steeple that runs fast.It is running on a pendulum rod that I cut to length.I have lowered the bob to the max,and can't make the rod any longer or the rating nut will drag bottom.Would making the suspension spring thinner increase the period?Does...
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    Cleaning Wooden Ive's Clock Bushings

    I have a Ives mirror clock that has brass gears,iron plates,and collets that are bushed with cherry bushings for the roller pinions.I was thinking of using mineral spirits to clean the gears so as not to harm the wooden bushings,and hopefully dissolve some of the oil in the wood.Has anybody...
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    Cast Iron Bell Repair?

    I just received a cast iron clock bell from a seller on E-Bay that was soft soldered back together where it separated in half.Needless to say the tone is not very good.Is there any way to weld,or braze it together and restore the tone?Thanks, David

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