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    English PW Pocket Watch repair Atlanta, GA

    Quick question here: Can anyone recommend a competent watch repair shop/person in the Atlanta area? Thanks, Cory
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    Le Comte & Co. ?

    Thanks Marty. You think the Hour hand is broken off? I hadn't noticed anything wrong with it. the minute hand is bent down a little towards the end though. I inherited this and three other watches a few years ago and hadn't done much with them until last weekend. I didn't think any of them...
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    Le Comte & Co. ?

    I don't know. It looks more gold in the pictures than it does in real life. I haven't tried to clean it or anything either. The inside of the covers is polished and pretty gold-looking. There's no 24K stamp or anything like that anywhere. I'm leaning towards no, but who knows? After letting it...
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    Le Comte & Co. ?

    Thanks. OK. I think the pictures will work here now:
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    Le Comte & Co. ?

    Hello, I've got this pocket watch that I'm trying to identify without much luck. Hopefully you folks can help. Google and Bing aren't serving up much when asked about Le Comte & Co. There are a couple watch auctions but that's about it. I've made the assumption that it's not an American brand...

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