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  1. HowardHorology

    19th c German French My fourth clock acquisition : Meissen Cupid Clock

    Just in time to join my angels for Christmas! A Meissen Blanc de Chine architectural style porcelain cupid and cockerel porcelain clock base with 1880 Japy Freres Movement. 12'" x 13". The classical or First Empire styled clock case my be earlier. The movement is missing its pendulum. I hear...
  2. HowardHorology

    Amazon Smile supports NAWCC

    I saw the banner on the home page and atop about supporting NAWCC. So I performed a charity search for "National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors Inc" and parts of that, including "NAWCC" "clock", "watch", "collectors", "NAWCC, Columbia, PA" AmazonSmile: You shop. Amazon gives. Nothing...
  3. HowardHorology

    My Third Clock

    Hello all, Hope this finds you well. I have stayed with German made clocks so far on the clock collecting journey. This looks like a small table or desk clock? I thought maybe it was c. 1920-30 with its art deco look? We would love to hear your own observations. Cheers, Howard cc: LFS...
  4. HowardHorology

    My Second Clock

    I liked the first clock so well that I acquired a better example from England, some of you may recall our discussion: My First Clock The only difference I noted besides the better quality, is a different back door and no "Made in Germany" on the dial so I estimated the date to be 1890. I hope...
  5. HowardHorology

    French Looking to acquire a second clock. French First Empire?

    Hi, I am looking to acquire my second clock already. I might have caught a clock collecting bug here in the forums. :eek: I wish to find a first Empire style small mantle clock c. 1810--give or take ten years each way. My budget unfortunately leaves me in the range where the mercury ormolu...
  6. HowardHorology

    My First Clock

    Dear fellow members, This is my first "real" clock purchase for I am not counting all the battery powered clocks and cheap watches. Unfortunately it has come late in life. I have always admired the antique English bracket clocks, but found this reproduction more in line with my budget. What...
  7. HowardHorology

    French, London Exchange, Chronometer with Chinoiserie case & scenic dial

    Hi, Thanks for providing this resource and for taking the time to share your knowledge. I was thinking about giving this pocket watch as a wedding gift for my nephew this fall and was trying to learn more about it...

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