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    Sharing recent art deco addition

    Trying to share a few of my recent additions. I believe this to be JuF in the 1927-1934 range owing to the chrome plating and double elephant logo. Plate number 1260 variant?
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    Kaiser World Dome advice

    I have recently added a Kaiser World model to my collection. Alas it came without the very special size glass dome. Before calling around to MileHiClock or I was hoping that someone here can give me the measurements of an original dome. I am estimating about 6in diameter by 9...
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    Kieninger & Obergfel restoration

    Just wanted to add my latest project to the database. It is a Kieninger & Obergfel, Horolovar plate # 1355, serial # 41896. Circa 1931.
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    George Mayer restoration

    Avid reader but infrequent poster here. I wanted to share this one for 3 reasons. First to thank all of you that have shared your horological knowledge. I couldn't have done this restore without it. I also hope Mr. Hubby can use this info for his database. This is a K&O George Mayer...

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