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    214 Accutron Crystal

    I have a 214 Accutron that I bought off ebay say four years ago. I had never seen one before. It has a Swiss case back on it dated 1973 with the case number 7387 stamped into the metal and a rectangle stamped around the stamped number. It has a Swiss 214 movement dated 1976 with the same...
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    Hamilton Hour Wheel Dimensions

    Hello: I am working on a Hamilton 980 14/0 size wrist watch movement that has an indirect drive mechanism for the hands. The cannon pinion is badly cracked and I cannot find a replacement. The cannon pinion works as normal in this movement but the indirect drive mechanism has a wheel pressed...
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    Mechanical WW Longines Comet Crystal Question

    Hello: The crystal on this watch is marked on the underside "Longines Comet" and as such would be quite difficult to replace if I were to chip or break it while trying to remove it. Does anyone have direct experience with this case and know how to successfully remove it without causing any...
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    Japanese Case Press

    Hello: I have two Japanese made case presses for use with wrist watches and a friend recently purchased one just like the two I have (see picture below). I am hopeful that someone could direct us to a source of a vise for the lower portion of the press. This vise is made of a semi rigid...
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    Borel Cocktail Watch Movement ID

    Hello: I have four Borel cocktail watches to service. One has an ETA 1311 movement so I will be able to use that information for any parts I may need. Two others are marked Borel 26 and Synchron 26 and a third is marked Borel 20 and Synchron 16. These movements are round manual wind...
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    Case Cleaning

    Hello: I have a 10 K gold filled wrist watch case with a decorative diamond stamping on two sides of the crystal bezel. Some corrosion is stuck to a few of the diamond shape holes and detracts from the appearance of this case (see attached photo and look for two arrows please). I have tried...
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    American PW Elgin 18s Model 5 Balance Hole Jewel #443 with Size 14 Hole Needed

    Hello: I contacted QB Jewels yesterday and have not had a reply. Perhaps someone else could help me with this need. Regards
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    ETA Technical Manual for 2638/2620

    Hello I would like to have a copy of the technical guide for an ETA 2638 11.5 ligne movement or one for its base caliber 2620. The ETA website does not list this and the AWCI website has only the parts list for this movement. If someone has this manual I would like to obtain a scanned copy...
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    Pin lever lubrication

    Hello: I have been working on watches for some time and tackled my first clock movement. Without opening a can of worms I would like to hear some advice on the lubrication of a pin lever movement. My watch experience has been limited to jeweled lever watches so I have no experience with pin...
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    Elma Automatic Watch Cleaning Machine

    Hello: I have a Temp 400 ultrasonic cleaner that I use and is seems to do a good job for me. I like the automated aspect of the machine as it does not require any attention once it has started the cleaning, rinse and drying process. Like me, my machine is getting old and I see that Elma is...
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    Sweep Second Hand for Hamilton T-403

    Hello: I would like to buy a black sweep second hand for a Hamilton T-403 wrist watch that has a 663 movement in it. I would like to find the correct hand for this particular watch if at all possible. Thanks Sorry, this should have been posted in parts wanted area.
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    Hamilton 8/0 size 747 Mainspring

    Hello: I am cleaning an Hamilton 747 and found it to have a badly set mainspring. I see that the bridge is hand scribed with a "10" under the barrel and the spring that is in the watch is 0.1 mm thick. I see that 8.5, 9 and 9.5 strength springs are listed in the Bestfit books but do not see a...
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    Hamilton Langdon Crystal and Gaskets Needed

    Hello: I am looking for a NOS Hamilton crystal and gaskets for a Langdon case of what Hamilton called their "CLD" case type. Please contact me if you have any of these parts. I am told that parts for the Lange will work as well. The crystal is of the tension ring type and should have a yellow...
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    Hamilton Langdon Crystal and Gasket, "CLD" type case

    Hello: I am looking for a NOS Hamilton crystal and gaskets for a Langdon case of what Hamilton called their "CLD" case type. Please contact me if you have any of these parts. I am told that parts for the Lange will work as well. The crystal is of the tension ring type and should have a...
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    Mechanical WW Hamilton Balance Cock Cap Jewel Removal 6 size 979F

    Hello: A twenty minute or more search of the forum did not help so I am posting this question with regards to removal of the cap jewel from the balance cock on this movement. The cap jewel is not held in with screws and appears to be fixed to me. I would like to remove it for cleaning but do...
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    Hamilton Electric Train Bridge Plating Composition

    Hello: My search of past threads did not indicate anything that I could find on this subject so I thought that I would create a new thread and hope for a definitive reply. I am curious as to the bright silver (white) plating that I see on Hamilton 500 and 505 train bridges. The bridge appears...
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    Electric WW Hamilton 979F Case Screws Wanted

    Hello: I need two Hamilton 979F case screws. The Bestfit catalog lists this screw as New Number 393202 and Old Number 2586 for a 6/0n size. The catalog indicates that this same screw will fit Grades 979-979F-987-987E & 987F. The broken headed screw currently in the watch measures 0.75mm...
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    Rectangular Sapphire Crystal Needed

    Hello: I am in need of a 13 X 16 mm sapphire crystal that is 0.8mm thick for a ladies Raymond Weil #9630 wrist watch. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I realize that I could use mineral glass but I would prefer sapphire if possible. The watch was originally supplied with a sapphire...
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    Search question

    I apologize if this is redundant but I would like to know how to initiate a search for new posts since my last visit in the "Watch Repair" forum. I see such a search is listed for all of the watch forums but not one specifically for watch repairs only. I used this search function on the old...
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    Electric WW Hattori/Epson/SII Currrent Consumption

    I have begun testing for current consumption, low voltage operation and rate on most quartz movements that I come across and recording the information in my service logs for that watch. Obviously one must check the actual consumption against the factory specified values. I have been able to...

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