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    1910 Model Waltham 37s 15 Jewel

    I have a couple 7 jewel 37s, A 15 jewel is a keeper...New mainspring are out there and they are easy to restore. They're big....
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    Rare Waltham 16s 1888 grade 22 : Balance staff hunt

    Having a lathe is pretty much a necessity if you re-staff a watch. Most new staffs need a bit of modifying. You don't have to invest a lot. Pocket watch work needs a limited number of collets, a good carbide graver and a pivot file. Same for a staking set. Most of my punches are shop made. BTW...
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    Waltham Private Label Watches

    Grade: Canadian Export, Marked " Ensign "...
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    Model 1883 Waltham AT&C Gold Flash

    Gotta throw mine in here. One of my best running A.T & Co. finds
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    1801 - 1900 My 1883 Waltham has finally arrived!

    Any 1877 18s that comes in a case is a collectible find. And a hunter at that. These have to have special stems that are very hard to find and need a set screw to hold them in. Very nice watch.
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    19th c I have finally purchased my first two American pocket watches!

    Now will come the urge to fix them. Get some books, that are mentioned on the forum. Servicing your own watches and simple repairs are very rewarding to learn. Lots of parts are out there for Elgins...
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    37S Elgin Car Watch/Clock, Steampunk Cases?

    I have a couple Waltham 37s. The are giant pocket watches made for a special purpose. They are manufactured like a watch rather than a clock. They belong in this forum IMHO.
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    American Waltham 1892-1893 Pocketwatch - Input requested, please

    Absolutely ! My only cased 88 is an 11 jewel gilt model 22. It looked original to the case with all matching numbers, even the balance, when I serviced it. I kept it as is and it runs very well.
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    American Waltham 1892-1893 Pocketwatch - Input requested, please

    An 1888 case, in any condition is hard to find. Very nice dial, too. Might make a nice home for a Riverside to carry around. I'd scoop it up for that price. A good start. If you want to learn about cleaning and servicing, this would be a good movement to start on. I have a box of running '88s I...
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    R. KAISER Seth Thomas springs

    The movement is the rough copy of the French round. It has a back mounted count-wheel strike. The ST diamond logo, made in USA, R. Kaiser signature, and a 5 digit serial number are the only markings. The stamping placement varies on the two movements, but the trains are near identical. The...
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    R. KAISER Seth Thomas springs

    I recently had a customer bring in two round Seth Thomas movements. I recognized them for what they were and have repaired French Jappy movement from the same era. When removing the springs from the barrels there were two different sizes for each type barrel in the two movements. [The strike and...

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