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  1. Tim Orr

    18th c John Nicol Baht

    Good evening, all! Asking for a friend: Can anyone tell us about a Danish (Copenhagen) clockmaker from the late 18th century named John Nicol Baht? Thanks! Best regards! Tim Orr
  2. Tim Orr

    2022 National Meeting Updates

  3. Tim Orr

    NON-horological: Today, Automata at the Morris Museum

    Automata at The Morris Museum (Atlas Obscura Membership Required) Tonight! Watch and hear automatic musical instruments and mechanical figurines come to life at New Jersey's Morris Museum! During this one-hour virtual tour, we'll explore one of the world's most significant collections of...
  4. Tim Orr

    Open to EVERYBODY!

  5. Tim Orr

    podcast "On the Dogwatch" Vortic interview.

    Good afternoon, all! Interestingly, there is a podcast called "On the Dogwatch" and they have one right now that is an interview with R.T. Custer of Vortic: Best regards! Tim
  6. Tim Orr

    I won’t buy through Ebay’s “Global Shipping Program”

    I saw a clock I very much liked on Ebay. It was located in the UK. I placed the order. Something I'd never seen before popped up: My clock would be shipped using Ebay's "Global Shipping Program." There was an additional charge for this, but it was relatively small, and I figured it probably...
  7. Tim Orr

    Public Clock Directory

    Good evening, all! I believe I have heard that a directory was being created of all known public, street and tower clocks in the USA. Is that directory available for research? Thanks! Best regards! Tim Orr
  8. Tim Orr

    Words To Live By

    Good evening, all! I have always loved this quotation, ever since the first time I saw it, at least four decades ago, above a supplier's "city counter." I have since learned that nobody can verify it is actually by John Ruskin, but for me, that no longer matters. I bought this heavy brass...
  9. Tim Orr

    Colorado's Chapter 160 Mourns Two Losses

    Good afternoon, all! This week, we learned of the deaths of two of Chapter 160's (The Boulder Horological Society) beloved members, Bill Tapp and Bert Tolbert. Bill Tapp was a founder of Chapter 160, and had been experiencing poor health for quite some time, but is remembered as a helpful and...
  10. Tim Orr

    2021 National Meeting TV at 2021 Convention

    Good evening, all! WAVY-TV reporter for the Hampton Roads Show, Chris Reckling filed this report on our Convention: Enjoy! Best regards! Tim Orr
  11. Tim Orr

    Downloading Multiple Attachments

    Good afternoon! In the past, there used to be a way to download multiple files attached to a single post using a single click. That seems to have disappeared. I don't suppose it was a huge inconvenience to lose that, except to members of the Board of Directors, who frequently had to download...
  12. Tim Orr

    2021 National Meeting Ship it home!

    Afraid to purchase that large item in the Mart or at the auction during the 2021 National? No need to worry! Pack N Mail Plus, a professional packing and shipping company, will be in the mart room on Saturday July 17, from 1:00 to 5:00 PM. Pack 'N' Mail Plus can pack and ship anything...
  13. Tim Orr

    2021 National Meeting Chelsea Exhibit at Convention

    Visit the Chelsea Museum at:
  14. Tim Orr

    2021 National Meeting Auction at National Convention

    Auction Friday, July 16, 5:00 pm HAMPTON CONVENTION CENTER Conference Room A/B We welcome back auctioneer Rick Robinson from our successful 2018 Convention in York PA All NAWCC members are welcome to participate. Auction item Preview will begin Friday, 4:00 pm. To view items...
  15. Tim Orr

    2021 National Meeting Watch Display Cases at the National Convention

    Why carry (lug, schlep, drag) heavy, bulky, fragile watch showcases to Virginia for the Convention? ASI will rent you 22˝ x 34˝ x 3-1/4˝ (558mm x 863mm x 82mm) locking, glass-topped cases for just $40 each for the entire duration of the show. And, ASI will deliver the case to your table...
  16. Tim Orr

    2021 National Meeting 2021 Craft Contest

    Craft Contest at the 2021 NAWCC National Convention NAWCC’s Craft Contest features nearly 20 different categories, allowing you to show off your “maker” skills. There is both a Youth and an Adult division. Craft exhibits are open for viewing by all attendees – and by the general public – all...
  17. Tim Orr

    2021 National Meeting NAWCC Convention Host Hotel SOLD OUT: Special Rate @ Courtyard by Marriott

    Good afternoon! The Embassy Suites at Hampton, Virginia is SOLD OUT. We have arranged for a small block of rooms at a discount price at the Courtyard by Marriott nearby (about 0.3 mi. away)...
  18. Tim Orr

    Category Cartouche Legibility

    Good evening, all! I mentioned this a very long time ago, but it is still a problem for me: I find the little – for want of knowing a better term for them – "category cartouches" in the listing of posts to be almost too small for me to read. I have a screen that has a 16:9 aspect ratio and a...
  19. Tim Orr

    Zoom & Other Meeting Recordings: Post yours here

    Good afternoon, all! Jack Goldberg of the Seattle Area Chapters asks that we establish a location for recordings of Zoom meetings and other recordings of presentations at Chapter Meetings. Here's what I know of so far: Chapter 21 (Denver) meetings...
  20. Tim Orr

    National Meeting For Members Only: Free Mini-Workshops at National Convention

    Good evening, all! Announced today: These mini-workshops will be available in the MART room, FREE to all NAWCC members attending. No sign-up necessary, but first come/first served. Most require no materials: Saturday, 9:00 am Early American Clock Case Stenciling (Demonstration Workshop)...

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