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    Gustav Becker winding problem

    I am working on a 2 weight GB I had it running and striking I let it run all the way down. Now the strike will wind, however the time side won't budge just barely moves the great wheel:???:
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    Hermle Balance new vs old

    I bought a new style not happy with that so I tried 4 old style this one works. I almost want to bush the fork pivots I can see about .015 movement. Anyone bush one of these?Myvideo did not come thru!
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    Jauch 78 Triple Chime

    I am having chime set up problems. First the rods are fairly vertical on the bottom setting WHIT. The second setting they do not return to vertical ST MICH. same for West. And silent. I will post pictures. Help
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    French Alarm Clock

    I am working on a French Alarm Clock by Duver Drey & Bloquel Curious as to date and 30 Hour or 8 Day. Thanks
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    Early Keinzle Grandfather Movement

    So this has a double rack and missing whatever held the strike lifting lever, I put a clamp on the shaft and now it strikes on the full and half hour. before the weight just went to the floor. I wonder if something is missing?
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    Jauch PL 78 Chime set up

    I am lost, gathering pallet chime side, then locking cam large & small, then the 3 wheel has a cam with one notch all on the third wheel shaft. Should I be lost? Right now I have large cam end of first quarter chime same for the small cam, the pin is centered on the chime gathering pallet, the...
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    Lenzkirch missing parts

    I took a Lenzkirch in for repair only to find out it is missing the suspension bridge and pendulum leader! See my pictures any help?
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    ID Maker of John Wanamaker Clock Movement

    I have this John Wanamaker Chime Clock it has a bad Platform Escapement looking for other possible sources
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    Trying to use Cell Phone to post to forum

    I have the NAWCC app on my phone and am trying to post to the forum. I do not see a Post Thread button. Les Sanders mrmerc50@yahoo,com
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    Hamilton Deck Watch

    Picked this up at a local swap meet. 2 questions this is a Model 22? What is the difference between the 21 & 22 ? also when I try to set the hands the little button will not move enough to pull the winding arbor up to set the hands.
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    Hamilton Deck Watch

    Picked this up at a swap meet - I have haggled with the seller for 3 months He said yes this time. It is running and keeping great time.
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    Waterbury (no name)

    This is out of my project box - I like it and would like to find a donor case - The 1881 Waterbury movement is not common the rack on the back of the plate. Any ID help?
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    Parkinson & Frodsham

    The movement is running and keeping good time. I would like to clean up dial. I am not a novice but have not had one of these. First do no harm!
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    Sign Into Forums on Android Phone

    I am trying to sign in on Forums on my Android phone after I sign into NAWCC.Org but I do not see a sign in place. Help
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    Keininger Verge Depthing

    What were they thinking slotted holes to retain the verge mount! I normally just split the difference not today it hates me! Anyone have a sure fire way to set these up?
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    Morbier Clock Repair

    I am going to go slow and ask questions. First question the winding arbor on the strike side has a shaft that turns but will not drive the drum, You can can turn the drum by hand (No Weight) and it will wind. I am looking at the movement and thinking if I want to procede. See the pics I am sure...
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    Serpentine Style 1 Weight Clock

    This is another of 1 Weights in my Collection - I had it for 20 years and never reasearched it as to Maker or age! I am going to rebuild the movement it is non running. Thanks for any info!
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    Karl Zarbl 1 Weight Regulator

    I have had this for a while I thought Karl Zarbel was the maker but He was the seller. I posted another Austrian Regulator Earlier this week this movement appears to be the same?
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    German Oak T O Wall Clock

    Picked this up from a Clock Buddy. It is marked with a serial # 78506 and a partial label on the back of the dial. 8 Day 42" running.One on the right is a Lenskirch.
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    Seth Thomas # 124 Replace Mainsprings

    Good morning, I am restoring a ST # 124 the 3 Mainspring housings are rivited to the plate this has a 1941 date, I would normally turn the winding arbor backwards and it comes out, not on the 124, I hate to just pull the spring out. any better way?

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