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    Pin pallet escapement...errrggg.

    When you say "play in the bracket that holds the anchor", is that a plastic piece that through which the arbor passes? The only Haller I've ever had had a crack in this plastic piece. I've read here that it is common with those to crack and difficult to fix.
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    Unidentified 20" antique clock

    I will echo others in that you have a beautiful piece of art there and lifelong relationship with it as well. I am puzzled by the presence of what looks to be 3 fuzee's. Is that for esthetic balance. Is there a functional benefit to the strike and chime trains in having a near constant force...
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    Possible Kern and Sohne?

    And with that you have fully rewarded my efforts at sharing the little bit of knowledge I had. It's not often one gets to stimulate the brain's reward centers in two hobbies at the same time! I will email you privately. I mean how could I not entertain your gift idea? I will also be sending...
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    Hanson Grandmother Clock

    They did seem to have a nice selection of models listed in 1920s, but I think they were very regional. They advertised at the Chicago Furniture Mart and the original poster and I both live in the Rockford - Chicago region where our examples are from. My clock has an identical style to...
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    Hanson Grandmother Clock

    I too have a Hanson Clock company grandmother clock that I obtained in my first year of clock collecting. I found some links online that may interest you while you heal: Rockford library furniture links Rockford Library Hanson Clock Co advertisements It appears they were in business from...
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    Possible Kern and Sohne?

    And since one of my other hobbies is genealogy, I was able to gather a bit of information on our importer. Charles Nunnenman BIRTH 15 JAN 1879 • Edeshiem, Germany DEATH 20 MAY 1964 • Hot Springs, Garland, Arkansas, USA Occupation: Importer of Jewelry and Novelties in Hot Springs, Arkansas...
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    Possible Kern and Sohne?

    I initially purchased this clock as the art deco styling fit with my collection and tastes. A little late to this party but I decided to post it here to add to the Charles Nunnenman Importer stamped clock story. I believe the movement is made by Schlenker and Posner (matches well with plate...
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    Name of Gargoyle like creature as corner finial

    I vote for cockatrice Cockatrice
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    Nice historic tie with Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania roughly means Penn's Woods. since the land was given by the King to Penn directly it doesn't seem too odd for it to be referred to as his. Land was then sold through a land office with some areas remaining in the possession of the Penn family for many years.
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    Paint or Stencil

    I'm a little late here, but I started something similar just haven't carried it through. My plan was to either photograph an example and clean it up in photoshop, or find a suitable image online. Then there are relatively cheap printing papers that allows you to make a decal with your standard...
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    Kieninger & Obergfell New Project

    Great job! I'm a big fan of these colorful clocks.
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    Kundo Midget ?

    I have this model that my father bought while stationed in Germany 1957 for my grandmother. The Plexiglas flexes and fits into grooves in the case. I found that a suction cup is useful for removing it once placed. The tolerances on suspension spring length are very tight. (of interest, I...
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    Clock Repair - Odd Parts Identification

    The threaded one looks like an adaptor for a Jacobs chuck that can then be mounted on the lathe (tapered end)
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    At last

    Also of note, you can use a standard hose clamp on your spring barrels (tight) and the metal bar next to the spring hooks can be used to wedge the advancing screw to form an effective clamp. I still hold it in gloved hands as an extra precaution.
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    Post Your Schlenker & Posner 400-Day Clocks Here

    Thanks for the update. You will be glad to know it is still running like a champ.
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    Post Your Schlenker & Posner 400-Day Clocks Here

    Thank you very much for the info. 1505 does look right to me too. And a good reminder to get my membership renewal form off of my desk an into the mail.
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    Sharing recent art deco addition

    I like this Rhombic theme very much. thanks for sharing.
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    Sharing recent art deco addition

    Thanks, I was so excited that it started running after putting it in beat that this detail escaped me.
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    Sharing recent art deco addition

    Trying to share a few of my recent additions. I believe this to be JuF in the 1927-1934 range owing to the chrome plating and double elephant logo. Plate number 1260 variant?
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    Post Your Schlenker & Posner 400-Day Clocks Here

    This thread goes back quite some time but it seemed like the right place to share my latest addition. A Schlenker and Posner art deco from the 30's. Plate 1529A I gather.

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