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  1. Chris Radek

    What 18s keywind movement fits this case?

    I found a nice 18s open-face case marked NEWPORT COIN (um, in my basement) and wonder if someone can say what movement fits it. The keywind hole is at about 12:30 (on the dial, so from the back it looks like 11:30). There is an orientation pin hole for a pin from the dial plate at about 11:00...
  2. Chris Radek

    Recording jumper for Heuer 12 is too strong

    Hi friends, I'm servicing a Heuer 12 which had, among many other problems, a broken recording jumper. There are two, which in this model seem to be the same part, 8270, for the hour and minute recorders. The owner knew this and sent with the watch a new jumper, which came from a reputable...
  3. Chris Radek

    Feature Policy Proposal: Editing of posts should be disallowed after there are responses.

    Hi all, I don't like that posts can still be edited after there are subsequent posts. Even when everyone is acting in good faith, it violates the reasonable expectation that the things in the thread happened in chronological order, and this is bad for communication and comprehension. When...
  4. Chris Radek

    My new favorite tweezers, The Dumont titanium

    Hi all, I wanted to give a quick review of the Dumont 3Ti tweezers I recently started using. They were a little too sharp for my liking as received, and I stoned the tips down a bit. I like the tips to be a semicircle instead of a square profile, so they still present a flat/tangential edge...
  5. Chris Radek

    My first watch

    My dad recently found my first watch. I remember if I would wind it, it would tick for a while sometimes. Was never a very good timekeeper, but the seesaw is cute.
  6. Chris Radek

    G.E Demeza, 95 Strand, London

    Dear friends, I have a very nicely made and well preserved verge with second hand and hack. I can find no sign that the movement and case haven't always been together, but I'm still unsure I've read the date correctly. Can you please have a look and tell me what you think about the origins and...
  7. Chris Radek

    Determining screw direction: a short but universal lesson

    I'm servicing a watch and a screw seems too tight. It's on an intermediate date wheel which I notice rotates counterclockwise, so AHA, I immediately think it could be left-handed. I have a look at the data sheet, and the screw is carefully drawn with right-hand threads: But then I keep...
  8. Chris Radek

    A sad Accutron index wheel

    Where mechanical watches just stop when run for a long time without service, Accutrons are strong enough to keep grinding away. Here's the ruined index wheel and pinion from a 2181 that was recently on my bench. The watch was still keeping time pretty well, but starting to lose a bit, leading...
  9. Chris Radek

    Fingerprint etching, again?

    I'm faced with a case of etching on a customer's watch that a trip through my cleaner (ultrasonic, using L&R Ammoniated #111 and the corresponding rinse which I think is #121) doesn't touch. Searching this forum yields only one report of success, with lemon juice! I am also tempted to try...
  10. Chris Radek

    Hamilton 940 interesting pallet wear

    On a customer's 940, I found that after service (including the usual 941 on the pallets) it would not draw reliably in one direction. Strangely the other stone is fine. It seems like this is either from two setups, or the two divots are initial impact and bounce. Why do you think one stone...
  11. Chris Radek

    Electric WW Rewinding ESA9162 T coils: success

    Some of you might know I've been rewinding Accutron 214 coils for a while, but today I had my first success rewinding an ESA9162 T coil and it is running. These use much finer wire than the 214 coils. The winning formula is: sense coil 1260 turns giving 1.68kohm; drive coil 5040 turns giving...
  12. Chris Radek

    A good lume kit, or a good redialer?

    I bought a Bergeon 5680B-07 kit from a reputable vendor (ofrei) so I'm pretty sure it's genuine, but I'm disappointed by it. I have been able to get nice looking smooth applications, but there's hardly any glow. I know there are various Luminova technologies but this product doesn't really say...
  13. Chris Radek

    Electric WW LIP R184 "quad roller"?

    Tonight I'm repairing (unmangling) and servicing a LIP R184 balance wheel electronic in a nice Waltham diver model. This movement has one roller jewel to advance the driving wheel (which has magnetic detent) directly, a second one in double roller configuration to run a traditional looking...
  14. Chris Radek

    Ofrei metal detector for watch parts?

    Have any of you tried the metal detector Otto Frei sells? I see it's sold by other sites as a treasure-hunting device, so I wondered if anyone here has tried it on actual watch parts. A while back I had to hunt for a stainless steel screw, so my usual magnet didn't work. I found it, but it...
  15. Chris Radek

    Accutron 214 - coating coils after rewind?

    The potting/coating on Accutron 214 coils is soluble in acetone, allowing me to strip the coil form without damaging it. I have successfully rewound my first coil, and now could use advice about what to recoat the wire with to protect it. I think after hardening it must be soluble in acetone...

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