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    Synchronome Minute Masters

    I am gathering data about Synchronome Minute Masters. These clocks, made between circa 1960 and 1970(ish) have a 3/4 second pendulum, Hipp toggle pendulum drive and a 1 minute single polarity impulse. My interest was triggered when a friend recently acquired a clock whose serial number was...
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    Bentley Earth Driven Clock research

    I am doing some research for a lecture to commemorate the 100th anniversary of P.A. Bentley's first patent in 1910 and I'm looking to gather information on surviving clocks. What I would be very grateful for is the following information; Serial number Date (if known) Switch type ('roller'...
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    E bay scam

    Dear all, It has been brought to my attention by a good and kind friend that item no ************ is in fact a copy of item no ************ - right down to the same photographs, description, and serial number! I hope all on this group will take note of the identical photographs, and the fact...

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