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    Chronometer stopping on winding

    This is the same Ulysse Nardin chronometer I had a thread on Chronometer rate erratic It's run for several weeks. The owner went abroad and on her return, the chronometer would not start up on winding it. When I saw it, it was fully wound and not running. I got it pointing 12 upwards and...
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    Why tick-tock and not tock-tick ?

    Heck, I never knew that I already knew. If that makes any sense. And yes this is clock related, there's even an image of a clock (albeit cuckoo) on the web page. The Times Group Sharukh ps: I checked and this seemed to be the correct place to post this. If I am wrong, could the moderator...
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    Daily use and service intervals

    This is in continuation (sort of) from another thread. Should a chronometer be run 24/7 ? I know they were built to be run that way and I believe the suggested service interval was three years. But these timepieces are now older with at least some wear. And most have not been serviced at...
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    Chronometer rate erratic

    I've just finished a Ulysse Nardin chronometer. Disassemble, clean, oil. This is my first. Had it running to within a second a day on the movement stand under a glass dome. Had to adjust the timing weights. After installing it in the bowl and in the case, it ran perfectly for a day or so but...
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    Shepherd Chronometer

    I am looking for information on a chronometer. The dial says "Shepherd London No 126". Tony Mercer's book mentions a Charles Shepherd in London with No 134 as the earliest known example. It is a smaller movement, has a spring holding the ratchet click. The number 126 is only mentioned on the...
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    Horological cutters -- identification

    A few days ago, I had posted a thread on the Horological tools forum looking for information about a bunch of cutters. Before posting, I have searched online; I have the book by J Malcolm Wild and have seen the tables in the appendices. I'm still none the wiser. There was only one response to...
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    Horological cutters -- identification

    I just picked up some cutters. The seller had obtained the lot from buying out a watchmaker's estate several years ago along with other material. He does not recall whom he bought it from or if that seller was a watch repair person or a dealer. From the pictures, you will see that they are a...
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    Hand operated watch cleaing machine

    I picked up these at the local flea market. The price was irresistible. I had heard these were available but had never seen one till these two pieces turned up. They were in bad shape and the handle would not budge on either of them. Turned out to be dried crud and a good cleaning with a brass...
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    Watchman's clock ?

    Firstly, to me, this seems the appropriate forum to post on. Apologies if I am in the wrong place. Could the moderator(s) please shift it to the correct forum if required? Can someone ID this clock ? I have put details and photos on my website here: I...

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