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    Regula 25

    Im interested in knowing when reassembling a Regular 25 movement does the 2nd wheel strike wheel which has the double lobes on it. I need to know which position it should be when vertical or horizontal when putting the movement back together.
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    I have this Kieninger movement that appears to be in great shape but it runs fast. The regulator is set at it's slowest position. Any suggestions to slow it down would be appreciated.
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    Quartz Cuckoo Clock

    Hi Folks, I received in a Engstler Quartz Cuckoo Clock with music & dancers. The customer states that the cuckoo strikes inconsistently on the hour. It might strike 10 o'clock then 1 o'clock. Does this mean the clock went cuckoo and needs to be replaced? Does anyone know how to reset these...
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    Cuckoo clock stopping

    Hi folks, I have a Cuckoo clock that randomly stops five minutes till the hour maybe once every two days or so. The minute hand actually gets stuck at five till the hour and it has to be forced to turn it clockwise. It will move freely counter-clockwise. This is a regula 25 movement with music...
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    Jeff Hamilton's Clockmaker's Apprentice CD Free Version

    Hey Folks, I like to use Jeff Hamilton's Clockmaker's Apprentice CD Free Version to calculate mainspring lengths. My version got corrupt, so I'm looking for some one who has this program and could share it with me. I was hoping I could find this program in the library. Maybe I'm not searching...
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    Hi folks, I'm wondering what people's thought are when it comes to mainspring replacement. I don't always like to trust the replacement to the broken spring the clock comes in with. When it comes to Hermle movements we're covered with good information out there as Timesavers and others but what...
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    Novelty clock

    Hi folks, Does anyone know how these little movements are attached to the case. I would like to see if I can repair the movement. Here are the photos.
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    Cuckoo clock mainwheel

    Hi folks, Can anyone guide me as to what to do with this cuckoo clock mainwheel. The clock spring is broken and no longer catches. This would be on the music side of the movement. Can I replace this wheel or can this wheel be repaired? I have posted a picture.
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    Music box movement

    Hi folks, I'm finishing the rebuild of this music movement and I have two questions. First, I need to know how to set the limit mechanism screwed to the end of the barrel? Second, the tune arrow doesn't line up correctly on the music barrel. You can see the gap between the arror indicator and...
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    Identify mantel clock

    Looking for someone who might be able to identify this clock. There are no markings on the movement.
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    Hubert Herr 1-Day Cuckoo Movement

    Hi Folks, I have the above cuckoo movement that runs but the hands don't turn as it runs. I always forget if the double nut goes on last on the hand shaft or do I have a different issue? Thanks for your input.
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    Grandfather movement click

    Hi folks, I've never had one in like this before where the click has fallen off of the strike main wheel. This is a Kieninger M 12 with a dancing platform on it. There's nothing else wrong with it except where the click has fallen off. I believe I have to tear it down to repair this. Is this...
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    Dancing platform

    Hi folks, I had to replace this plastic black gear to drive the dancers to go around. I can't remember how this big snap ring goes on. I have a little eclip that holds the gear onto the shaft. If someone can refresh my memory is greatly appreciate it. I guess I'm having a senior moment. I have...
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    Need Quartz

    I have a Linden Quartz Clock that needs a new movement. as you see in the picture the movement is approximately 2" L x 1.4"W. Anyone know if these are available anywhere? Thanks
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    Dancing platforms

    Hi folks, I'm looking for suggestions on how to get the dancing platform to go around when the friction wheels don't touch the inner rim. I appreciate any suggestions. I've included a picture as well.
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    Banjo minute hand trouble

    Hi folks, I have a banjo clock in for repair and I thought this was going to be an easy one. I install one bushing on the escapement wheel and put everything back together. I never thought a time only clock would be so troublesome. The problem I'm having is when I put the minute hand in it...
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    Night shut off

    Hi folks, I always struggle setting the night shut off on a Kieninger movement after cleaning and rebuilding these movements. When I adjust the shut off can tooth by tooth I can't get it set correctly to chime and strike at 10pm then off until morning. If I move the cam 1 tooth it either ends...
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    Cuckoo door

    Hi folks, I have a cuckoo clock whereas the cuckoo bird tips out rather than swinging out on the rod. My problem is how to get the door to swing open far enough to see the bird say 90 degrees. If I put a longer wire on the door then I have the problem of not closing then. This is the first one...
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    Hour Trip

    Hi Folks, What do I adjust to make the hour strike go off on the hour rather than ten minutes after the hour? I have attached pictures. Thanks
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    Jauch BPH

    Happy Easter Folks, I'm trying to find out the beats per hour on a Jauch Triple Chime Movement (9" x 6-3/4") with a 110cm pendulum length? Can anyone help with this?

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