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    Dudley Masonic Watches

    At the most recent meeting of Chapter 52, the widow of a member walked in with two Dudley watches. They appear to be oiginal and complete. We know that the watches have a good value, but we know nothing else about them. Due to poor estate planning the entire estate is stuck in probate court...
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    John Wesley Powell

    When Powell explored the Grand Canyon he carried four chronometers down the Colorado River. Is there any record of the instruments by type or name? Might the USGS have such records if they exist? Jerry Freedman
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    Elgin 155

    The old Roy Ehrhardt Elgin guide shows model 155 as a 3/4 plate watch. On page 110. On page 113 it it is a three finger movement. Misprint? Jerry Freedman
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    Hallmark Question

    I have a verge fusee by John Symonds of Reepham, Norfolk. The pair cases are marked for for Edward Hickman of Coventry. The case is marked for London, 1787 with George III looking right. Priestley shows Hickman on cases marked for London, Birmingham and Chester. How common is it for a case maker...
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    Marine: Model 21 Detents

    I am looking for the Bulletin article about the person who made the detents for the model 21. Can anyone recall the Bulletin number an date? Jerry Freedman
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    E-mail address

    Does anyone have an e-mail address for David Penney's watch store?
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    Howard #1 Banjo

    A fellow member has just acquired a #1 banjo. He is looking for hands and the bottom glass. Does anyone have any suggestions? Jerry Freedman
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    I am looking at a Swiss watch marketed in the USA by Oskamp. The dial is marked C. Oskamp, Cincinnati. The inside of the front cover has presentation date of 1877 and a makers mark C.O in a small rectangle, warranted 18K. The dust cover is marked as follows: straight line lever, full jeweled...
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    Sangamo Special

    Did the 17 size Sangamo Special model 10 come with a 48 hour motor barrel?
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    Chronometer Problem

    I have a Russian chronometer that will not run. I have not wound since it was moved and was jolted during the move. I decided to wind it and found it was not working. The balance was not corked when moved. The balance swings freely and no ticking sound is heard. The balance staff appears to be...
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    International Chronometer Index

    This Index has been mentioned in several posts. It is also cited in the current Bulletin. Is there a way to go directly to it to research specific chronometers?
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    Hamilton Private Label

    Hamilton 926 with label marked Staples. Serial number indicates about 1906. Movement marked Made Expressly for Oregon Water Power Railroad. No mention of Hamilton anywhere.
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    Johnathon Betts

    I just received my copy Betts' book The Marine Chronometers at Greenwich. Very heavy and thick book. I have only glanced at it, but it is beautiful. It will have to be read on a flat surface. It is pricey, and Amazon's price is $175. Has anyone else seen it yet? Jerry Freedman
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    Marine: Mercer Chronometers

    I own #17658 which would date to about 1946. I found it in a box with only one lid. That is the way this box was made. It never was a two lid box. When did Mercer switch away from the traditional two lid boxes? I also would like to know how many jewels Mercer used. Jerry Freedman
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    Whiting bushings

    Did Riley Whiting ever use bone bushings? Jerry Freedman
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    Winding Arbors

    I am sitting here looking at movement from a Whiting long case clock. The dial found with the clock is very typical of most other Whiting dials with two winding holes. However, I can't see where this movement ever had two winding arbors. I am not a clock guy, so what am I missing? Jerry Freedman
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    Riley Whiting

    Has anyone seen a Whiting clock dial marked Winsted? Every dial picture I have seen is marked Winchester. Jerry freedman
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    I had always assumed that this balance was a Kullberg. Now I am not so sure. Any thoughts on this out there?
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    JR Arnold Chas Frodsham

    Does anyone have the names of case makers used by Chas Frodsham on watches marked as above? Jerry Freedman
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    Hamilton 990

    I own 990 302212 which dates to 1903. Previous discussions say that the 990 had a double roller and a gold train. Lasser's list shows this number as a single roller,and I can see no gold train on this watch. The movement is unmarked as to grade and just has adjusted on the balance cock. The four...

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