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  1. Cary Hurt

    A forged Wilsdorf & Davis Trench Watch?

    The W&D marks might be correct although they are suspect. I don't see any of the usual Swiss marks. The other English marks appear genuine. The movement is definitely not by Aegler, and by this date I would expect to see an Aegler movement. I believe the movement may be by A. Schild.
  2. Cary Hurt

    Gruen Curvex

    Hi Brian, You have a nice example of the Gruen Curvex Trooper (aka Colonel), dating from the World War Two era. The case serial number indicates 1944-45 production, and the "s" refers to the construction of the gold-filled case having a base of sterling silver, as the more commonly used brass...
  3. Cary Hurt

    Gruen Curvex Watches

    Some of the calibers share balance parts with some contemporaries (311 with 500 or 355, 440 with 430,435 or 335) but the 330 has no interchangeability. Spares may be available, but a donor movement is likely your best bet.
  4. Cary Hurt

    Help Figuring Out Baylor Day-Date

    The movement is a Felsa 4006 from the late 1950s (give or take a few years). Perhaps you can find detailed operating instructions using that ID.
  5. Cary Hurt

    Help to identify & Date an Arrow Watch Company pocket watch

    In this instance, the "Empress" name refers to the case only, not the movement. Empress was a trade name for the American Watch Case Co. that referred to their ten-year or 10 karat gold-filled cases. The movement is Swiss, and appears very similar to the work of the Lavina Watch Company...
  6. Cary Hurt

    Hamilton Hour Wheel Dimensions

    Are we possibly discussing the 980B, which was used in the Seckron doctors watches?
  7. Cary Hurt

    vacheron & constantin lecoultre

    To my knowledge, Vacheron and LeCoultre never shared movement manufacturing facilities or duties. They did cooperate in design, and in 1938, ownership of both companies is consolidated (along with others) under the Swiss holding company SAPIC. George Ketterer's position as director of SAPIC...
  8. Cary Hurt

    Gruen Curvex Watch need help

    Your watch should be case style number 440 499. This number was used for several models from at least 1942 until approximately 1950. The case number identifies the appropriate dial and hands, as well as the crystal to fit this case. Other models in this series were the Curvex Adjutant and the...
  9. Cary Hurt

    ELGIN 1945 A-II Army Air Force Military Watch

    I think Richie is likely correct about the notches, as the back is a screw back. The AF-45 portion of the serial number indicates that it was issued in 1945. I also believe that the movement has been replaced, as the A11 specification called for a hack-setting movement with center sweep...
  10. Cary Hurt

    Gruen information

    Gruen used a few black dials in the 1930s, but many of those were of specific designs that were unique to a particular model. This dial might be original, although I tend to believe that it was refinished, likely at the time that it was installed in the new case. It is of a correct...
  11. Cary Hurt

    Gruen information

    It is a nice looking watch, but not a Gruen factory issued version. The 705 is circa early 1930s (maybe late '20s), and although Gruen would later use some Anchor cases, this one isn't marked correctly for a factory case. I would presume this one was recased sometime in the 1930s or '40s, when...
  12. Cary Hurt

    Sirom - Old Art Deco that I liked

    Mikrolisk shows two registrations for the Sirom name, both occurring in 1923. The first was a Swiss registration by the Fabrique Ebel/Blum & Co. Of Le Chaux de Fonds. The second is a USA registration by the Strom Watch Co./Morris Rosenblum & Co. of New York. Rosenblum was a prolific importer of...
  13. Cary Hurt

    Thermidor watch

    Mikrolisk shows two different registrations of the brand name "Thermidor". The first was registered by Sandoz and Breitmeyer of Le Chaux du Fonds in 1896. The second was by José Gascon who registered the name Thermidor SA in Madrid, Spain in July, 1962. Hope this helps, Cary Hurt
  14. Cary Hurt


    I don't think the case is nickel. "Monarch" was a trademark of the Brooklyn Watch Case Co., and was used to identify cases that were 14k gold-filled. This one is white gold-filled.
  15. Cary Hurt

    17 jwl Tavannes 4th wheel needed

    It would help the search to have a photo of the assembled movement, and of the keyless works, to identify the actual caliber of the movement. Many Cyma-Tavannes movements have a reference number inscribed on the pillar plate, often under the balance wheel. With the that reference number, a...
  16. Cary Hurt

    Anyone recognize this one? Parts wanted.

    I think it's a Michel ebauche. Sorry I don't know anything more definite.
  17. Cary Hurt

    Help Identifying 32 Degrees Automatic Watch Whether the OP comes back or not, we now know that this is a contemporary prestige/fashion watch from yet another recently formed Swiss watch seller. Google is your friend.
  18. Cary Hurt

    Why hardly any Internet info on Art deco watches by Fagot Watch Co?

    It's not surprising that you couldn't find information when searching for "Fagot", as the actual name is "Jagot". The stylized "j" is easily mistaken for a gothic "f". The Jagot name was formed from the name of it's owner, Joseph A. Gottlieb, a New York based importer in the 1920s. These were...
  19. Cary Hurt

    I Need Help Identifying this Rolex Movement

    The movement does appear to be an Aegler product, so if it was originally sold by Rolex it would be either a caliber 500 or 700. It could also be a 9 3/4H or 10 1/2H. As Doug said, to be sure, we would need to see the keyless works under the dial. Even then, Aegler sold movements to several...

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