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  1. novicetimekeeper

    Tortoise shell

    Is there a source for something that can be used to replace lost tortoiseshell veneer to a decent standard?
  2. novicetimekeeper

    18th Century case, sound but finish pretty much gone

    Got this cheap I think. Close enough to pick up so no carrier, it looks complete with little damage to the case but the finish is pretty much gone. Looks like it has been left outside but under cover. It will go to the cabinet maker in time, his skills are way beyond mine, but I was wondering...
  3. novicetimekeeper

    clock breaking and reusing flame mahogany veneer

    I was at an auction house earlier looking at a massive victorian cased 18th century longcase with a view to buying it for the movement and dial. The case had flame mahogany veneers and chatting to the porter he said that furniture guys might be interested in the case to lift the veneers and...

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