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  1. S_Owsley

    Older alarm clocks, numerals, radioactive?

    I think people are confusing contaminative radiation, such as that found in radium as opposed to background radiation from sources such as the sun. Background radiation can be harmful, but that is not the same as actual contaminative particles from actual physical radioactive materials. It's one...
  2. S_Owsley

    Older alarm clocks, numerals, radioactive?

    Unless you quote credible sources, I'm going to assume you just pulled this out of ...
  3. S_Owsley

    ATO On a Whim I bought a Leon Hatot Clock. Now What?

    That's a nice looking and interesting clock. Did you get it working?
  4. S_Owsley

    Standard Electric Slave - Getting my feet wet with S&M

    I glued the glass pieces together with Bondic, which surprisingly only took a few minutes, and measured the glass diameter. It is exactly 12". I placed the glass back in the frame, then the clock dial/movement assembly, then the wire retaining ring that I assume snaps behind the clock dial. The...
  5. S_Owsley

    Standard Electric Slave - Getting my feet wet with S&M

    I got a package via FedEx today for my most recent eBay purchase. Unfortunately, the seller, while great at communication prior to the sale, was not so great at packing for safe shipment. I'm attaching photos, so those who want to see the gory details can. I'm actually quite happy with the rest...
  6. S_Owsley

    A thought about fire gilding.

    Chemists and researchers often work with dangerous materials under a negative pressure hood. I imagine for some of the more dangerous processes, there is a layer of plexiglas or similar with holes for rubber gloves so dangerous fumes never reach the person working with the materials. How the...
  7. S_Owsley

    NAWCC Bulletins

    I'm in San Francisco and would be happy to take a few volumes, but I can't accommodate the whole set.
  8. S_Owsley

    Howard Street Clock - Historical Photo - 1950's

    I agree with Tim and Jeremy, and the face glass looked cleaner when it was "tarted up".
  9. S_Owsley

    My Chelsea Ships Bell

    I have a similar Emerson Electric fan with the same issue. I would polish the blades if I could just get them off the shaft, so if you have some advice, send me a PM! I had forgotten about Renaissance wax. I'm going to polish up my Seth Thomas ships clock and give it a coat of wax.
  10. S_Owsley

    My Chelsea Ships Bell

    They were meant to be polished and look best polished to *most* people. Once you get the crud cleaned off and get it polished, it's not a big effort to keep it that way if you decide not to lacquer or plate the case.
  11. S_Owsley

    New to me Quail Cuckoo

    That's what I call an impressive cuckoo clock! They don't make 'em like they used to!
  12. S_Owsley

    Standard Electric Recommendation for Electronic Master Controller for Single Slave?

    You go first! Sounds like an interesting project, but I'd rather follow than lead.
  13. S_Owsley

    Standard Electric Recommendation for Electronic Master Controller for Single Slave?

    I just purchased a Standard Electric slave on eBay. I knew I was going to need an impulse driver to power it. I see 2 or 3 controllers (2 from Finland) on eBay and Ken's Clock Clinic sells a Model 1900W-UNV Modular Clock Winder Any recommendations for one over the other? Attached is a photo of...
  14. S_Owsley

    Seth Thomas Helmsman W. ships bell clock

    I've searched and searched the forum for this information, and finally, tonight, I found the answer to my striking problems. Harold Bain, RIP, sir.
  15. S_Owsley

    Colonial of Zeeland Model 4196?

    That is an especially nice looking modern grandfather clock. I can see why you bid on it!
  16. S_Owsley

    My new Colonial Mfg tall case clock

    That is a very nice find. Beautiful!
  17. S_Owsley

    Am I Cuckoo?

    If not mentioned previously, the clock is missing it's top molding, but still nice without it. Is there any chance the missing top could be located? It's 100 years old, certainly.
  18. S_Owsley

    Three new acquisitions

    If you hit the magnify plus sign on the enlarged image, you can drag the window to see the bottom of the clock.
  19. S_Owsley

    Seth Thomas Office #1

    That is just beautiful. What a nice looking clock.