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  1. J

    ODO, not ATO, but kinda/sorta

    Hi Tim Yes I think you are correct oil is not needed as the moving magnetic balance a very simple form of electric motor and drives the clockwork or indexing, the exact opposite of all mechanical clocks were power source weight spring gravity etc drives the escapement Jim
  2. J

    ODO, not ATO, but kinda/sorta

    Yes Burkhard There is simarlarity in that both Ato and many other clock movements ( Eureka) use magnetic swingers and those ATO movenents also use an invereted Sully escapement, The Ato license applies to the use of transistor switch if my memory serves correctly, there are many swiss movements...
  3. J

    ODO, not ATO, but kinda/sorta

    Hi Tim The one in the 8th picture hasn't got the capacitor, the capacitor is used for arc supression to prolong the contact life, I imagine there may be some wear in the leaf spring I have never attempted adjustment and I don't have either of my clocks running they just form part of my...
  4. J

    ODO, not ATO, but kinda/sorta

    Hi Burkhard You are of course entirely right about the two companies being two separate entities, it is probable that ODO bought in and branded the clock as theirs for retail. I have seen images of at least six of these clocks branded by Girod but this is the first I seen branded as ODO. In...
  5. J

    ODO, not ATO, but kinda/sorta

    Hi Tim Your clock was manufactured in France by a company called Girod and has nothing to do with ATO. I believe the ODO name to be a later branding by the Girod company. I have two similar clocks one in an identical case to yours and one in a wooden case. The escapement is a variation of...
  6. J

    Murday Help to build Harriman "Murday"

    Hi John I have a Harriman Murday running here I will be able to give you larger images images by email I am based in UK.
  7. J

    Advice needed for restoration of Bain Clock type

    Hi, This is a beautiful and early clock would it be possible to an image from the front. Thanks Jim
  8. J

    Murday Murday-Reason Reproduction

    .Hi Richard, I bought this clock on ebay recently, and have just discovered this thread, the clock arrived with the dome smashed, fortunately I was able to purchase a new one the exact size from USA, it arrived within four days of purchase to UK, now thats wghat I call Service. Whilst at the...
  9. J

    help me

    Helo Marco, I have spoken,regarding your clock, with the leading German expert on Aron clocks,(Thomas Schraven) and he informs me that your clock is a "tarifschaltuhr" which is a timeswitch used in conjunction with an electricity meter, he has much information regarding such clocks, and would...