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  1. Kenny S.

    Hairspring Help!

    I really screwed the pooch on this one. Committed a cardinal sin I believe. After removing the balance cock from the watch I placed it in a separate cage and placed it and the movement in my Watchmaster. No problems until I decided to use canned air to "gently" blow off the remaining solution...
  2. Kenny S.

    Waltham Guru's--HELP!

    So I've decided to give my adult children pocket watches for Christmas this year. Since I'm a Waltham fanboy the selection of manufacturer was a no brainer. It's even more fun since Waltham named their models for the year of patent, so since my first was born in 1983, he gets a Waltham '83. My...
  3. Kenny S.

    What a Deal? Kuempel Movement

    I snagged this one off of CL this morning for $50. It's hand made by a cabinet maker some 60 years ago for his grand-daughter. She is now deciding to sell it because "...it doesn't go with her decor." Ok, whatever. It has a Kuempel movement in it and I have been adjusting the crutch for several...
  4. Kenny S.

    lack of high quality pocket watches at the Regionals.

    I split this Regionals discussion from the "Ebay loser thread" I hope this isn't true. I plan to attend my first regionals next month and am really looking forward to seeing what everyone has to offer. I am planning to bring some nice watches to the event rather than post them on the bay or...
  5. Kenny S.

    Truly up-jeweled or counterfeit?

    So I bought this Waltham '88 convinced it was a counterfeit since the engraved "17 Jewels" looked machine engrave to me from the pics on eBay and the center wheel is not jeweled. I bought it because it looked like it was in an authentic case; I could see no other case screw marks so I was pretty...
  6. Kenny S.

    Counterfeit? Waltham (7j sold as 21j)

    My co-worker and fellow Waltham enthusiast found this one on the bay and sent it to me for scrutiny. I was stunned. The center bridge jumps out right away as a 7j, no reason to look up the serial # to confirm it, but I did anyway. So why does it say "21 Jewels" across it? It's hard to say from...
  7. Kenny S.

    My "new" Atmos

    Well I did it. I found one I liked and bought it. Model 519 from the '50's? Ser. # 42347. It's seems to be in really great shape for its age and based on others I looked at from the same era. It was almost 5 minutes slow after 24 hours so I adjusted the regulator a little bit. I'm wondering if I...
  8. Kenny S.

    What a noob needs to know before buying a used Atmos

    So I really want to buy an Atmos but can't afford a new one. I'd like a running one obviously since I wouldn't know the first thing about repairing a broken one. So what are the gotchas? There are some on fleabay but I honestly don't know what I'm looking at. I haven't a clue about these things...
  9. Kenny S.

    Where do I start? (Hermle 340-020A)

  10. Kenny S.

    My little enigma watch

    I'm guessing that this is a European made watch but I'm really not sure and I'm hoping some of you guys might know or recognize the movement. I got this little gem in one of those "lot" sales along with a couple of others and an empty case. This one is the most intriguing since it is a cylinder...
  11. Kenny S.

    New Member here!

    I just signed up as a new member of this illustrious forum! It's because every time I signed in as a guest user I learned something new from one of the members here. Not sometimes, every time. Either from a question that I asked or from reading someone else's thread, I learned more about my...
  12. Kenny S.

    Should I buy new or used? (Total newbie here) (Watch guy)

    So the neighbor was throwing away a perfectly good grandfather clock case and I couldn't let it go. I believe it's walnut. Anyway, no movement or anything just the structure. The movement area is about 9"x13"x16". It stands almost 7' tall. It's been sitting in my garage for over a year now and...
  13. Kenny S.

    American PW Hands not advancing on my Crescent St.

    I finally got around to putting a mainspring in this mvt and solving the winding clutch issue and now this. I wound it up, the B/W takes off and the second hand is ticking away just fine. So I set the time and look back at it 15- 20 mins later and the hands haven't moved, yet the second hand is...
  14. Kenny S.

    M.C. Remington? This has me stumped but that's easy...

    Guys, My co-worker brought this one in, has been in his family for a couple of generations and asked me what I could tell him about it. "Nice pocket watch!" was about all I had. I've never heard of Remington Watches but I'm assuming that they may have been a startup just before the Great...
  15. Kenny S.

    case part Oversized? 16s Case for Waltham '88

    No longer needed. Thanks, Kenny
  16. Kenny S.

    $ Rare Maximus with Flawless O'Hara Dial

    The DB says only 642 of these "Non-Magnetic" versions of the Maximus were made. S/N 7003543. Diamond endstones at the balance and escape points as discussed in one of the "Max" threads. The gem on the chain is an amethyst and looking at it with a 10X loupe, I can see inclusions in the stone...