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    Dial resilvering

    Hello All, Can anyone recommend a good company/person to resilver a 3in diameter dial from a Viennese table clock ? I checked the Dial House and they seem mostly oriented to engraved tall case dials. This dial is not ingraved and has painted/inked numerals and makers name - Anton Liszt in...
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    Lenzkirch topper

    Hello all, I have this Lenzkirch regulator made in 1875 - dated by serial number and first Logo according to the date plan on this Message Board. Does anyone have a catalog picture or know what the topper would look like? There are two holes on either side of the top of the case, but...
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    Graham deadbeat escapement question

    Hello, I Have a circa 1920 herschede tall case. Over time, I have noticed that the amplitude of the pendulum has slightly decreased. It is also apparent from a visual check of the pallets, that there is a very, very small amount of recoil of the escapement wheel on the entry pallet, if I am...
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    Carriage clock gongs

    Does anyone know of a source for the small wire gongs that are found in a striking carriage clock? I've looked thru all the catalogues of the main supply houses, but everything shown is too large. Thanks in advance for any info. Jim
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    Bulle coilww

    hello all, Does anyone know of a service that rewinds Bulle coils? There used to be a fellow in England that did it but stopped several years ago. Thanks in advance for any leads, Jim
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    Bulle coilww

    hello all, Does anyone know of a service that rewinds Bulle coils? There used to be a fellow in England that did it but stopped several years ago. Thanks in advance for any leads, Jim
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    Skeleton dial

    Does anyone know of a source that supplies/makes dials for skeleton clocks (the open work fretted variety)? Thanks in advance for any input or leads. Jim
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    Brille slave clocks

    Hello, I have two Brille slaves - using a Piexx slave driver to run both, will the setting for a brille at 1 1/2 volts send a voltage of 1 1/2 to each or should I use the 3 volt setting in the hope that each will receive 1 1/2 volts? Stupid question, I know, but electricity is on the same order...
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    Bulle coil

    Hello, Does anyone have a coil for the larger Bulle clocks that is in working condition or know of anyone that has a rewinding service for coils that have gone bad? Perhaps a good coil in your parts bin? I certainly would be willing to purchase this from you. Many thanks, Jim
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    Small, very small coil gong

    Hello, does anyone know of a source for very small wire gongs that would be suitable for a small grand sonnerie striking Vienna table clock? Everything in the supply catalogues seems to be way too big. The outside measurement of the gongs cannot be greater than 3 inches. This is for a small...
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    Swinger losing time

    Hello, i have a swinger that is losing time. The lower ball is down as far as it can go. Will adjustment of the pendulum that is on the movement in the upper ball change the time keeping? If it does , which way should the bob be moved, up or down? thanks in advance, Jim
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    Clock rope

    Hello all, any recommendations for the type of rope that can be used in a 30 hour long case in which the rope passes over the drum in a "valley" that has grooved sides to insure that the drum has a "pinch" to prevent the rope from sliding through. Just imagine a drum with spikes in the bottom...
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    repair the coil of New Haven Westminister

    Hello, I have a New Haven electric chime clock, Pelham model, that plays westminister. I've got a problem with the coil of the motor. The coil is good, because it was running the motor --- before I removed the movement to service it. The two leads to the coil were so old and brittle that both...
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    Small gongs

    Hello all, Does anyone know of a source for small spiral gongs - such as the type and size found on french carriage clocks? I need a set (2) for a smallViennese grand sonnerie table clock manufactured by Anton Liszt (brother of Franz Liszt, the composer) in Vienna. Thanks for any leads, Jim
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    pinwheel regulator

    Hello, Have a new clock from the Pasadena regional and I've got some questions about possible case ornaments. While browsing, I came across a French (or maybe Swiss) pinwheel regulator. The seller only had the movement, the bezel, the dial (two chips in the enamel) and the large pendulum bob...
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    Morbier hand washers

    Does anyone know of a source for the square, steel hand washers that are given a quarter turn to secure and tighten done the hands onto a square shaft for a morbier type movement. Thanks, Jim
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    Skeleton clock dial

    Are there known sources that might supply skeleton clock dials? Thanks, jim
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    Swinger clock question

    Hello, Do the upper and lower balls on a swinger clock need to be in balance? In other words,should the top ball containing the movement weigh the same as the lower smaller ball and the long rungs from it hangs? If there is supposed to be a balance, is that determined at the point where the...
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    Using hide glue as a wood filler

    Can anyone (Scotty?) give me a run down on how to use hide glue as a filler for mahogany veneer? How thin should the glue be to apply, how smooth, how to smooth it out after it dries, and what effect, if any, will it have to the stain - will it prevent penetration??? A detailed description will...
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    10inch dial

    Does anyone know of a source for a tall case English clock dial - ten inches square or 13.5 inches tall including the arch top -with a 9inch chapter ring, or just a nine inch engraved chapter ring? Needs to be a brass dial rather than a painted one. Thanks for any help Jim