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  1. Kuckucksuhren

    E Howard Tower Clock

    @Zionclock Yes, that is exactly what I meant! In the picture I had in my last post, you can see the spring loaded clutch near the center of the picture. Behind that is the 60 hole wheel, and behind that is the solid brass release wheel. Behind that is the bottom wheel of the perpendicular shaft...
  2. Kuckucksuhren

    E Howard Tower Clock

    I don't think you will have a problem with the chiming. According to my knowledge and what I remember: The clutch (spring loaded pin) prevents the movement from being damaged as the vertical time shaft is turned forward. That vertical shaft is connected to a wheel with 4 "release pins" (4...
  3. Kuckucksuhren

    E Howard Tower Clock

    It's very cool to see another E Howard quarter strike! You've probably read it already, but there are some good pics and info on St. Stephen's clock: https://mb.nawcc.org/showthread.php?t=69507 It's another E Howard quarter strike that I am taking care of. It is hand wound, however. The oil...
  4. Kuckucksuhren

    Tower Clocks books

    Otherwise there is a nice guide for clockeepers. It contains a glossary and a bit about how they work. http://www.nawcc-index.net/Articles/tckh.pdf
  5. Kuckucksuhren

    World Largests and Largest Clocks History

    The Allen Bradley clock is (until the completion of the one in the mid-east) the largest lighted 4 dial, non striking clock in the world. Here it is pictured 4 blocks away, 3 blocks behind St. Stephan's tower. [IMG]https://mb.nawcc.org/picture.php?albumid=348&pictureid=2142[/IMG] Also a...
  6. Kuckucksuhren

    A 18th Century Wood Wheel Cuckoo Clock

    Wow! Another ridiculous find! Thanks for sharing.
  7. Kuckucksuhren

    Need a place to have a street clock appraised in the chicagoland area.

    I don't want to speak for him, but Mr. Fanchaps isn't too far from Chicago. Send him a PM https://mb.nawcc.org/member.php?u=18 or check out his website http://clocknut.com/
  8. Kuckucksuhren

    Haas Bahnhausle wood plate Cuckoo Quail

    And this is why I joined the NAWCC. lol Great puns, great people.
  9. Kuckucksuhren

    E Howard Instructions, care of tower clock

    This is from the wall of the clock room in St. Stephen's Lutheran, Milwaukee, WI. I'm the current clockeeper. This appears to be the original from 1879. https://mb.nawcc.org/picture.php?albumid=348&pictureid=2050
  10. Kuckucksuhren

    1879 E. Howard Tower Clock: St. Stephen's Lutheran, Milwaukee, WI

    I did take a picture of the bottom of the bob. That's in the album. Here are the two halves of the pendulum rod. https://mb.nawcc.org/picture.php?albumid=348&pictureid=2168 https://mb.nawcc.org/picture.php?albumid=348&pictureid=2167 The following is a picture of the chime disabling...
  11. Kuckucksuhren

    Haas Bahnhausle wood plate Cuckoo Quail

    Dang! Where do you people find such nice clocks. I've been looking for a wood plate quail. I just don't know where to look yet.;) Nice clock by the way. I love the decoration. Most, if not all wood plate cuckoos have the pipes attached to the movement. See a few Beha painting clocks for examples.
  12. Kuckucksuhren

    1879 E. Howard Tower Clock: St. Stephen's Lutheran, Milwaukee, WI

    Thank you Sam, that solves one mystery. Also the top portion of that threaded piece is about the size of the slot I described earlier, and seems to be attached to the pendulum rod the same way. The two sections of pendulum rod look like they would have been spliced together in this way. I will...
  13. Kuckucksuhren

    If you can spare 10 minutes

    I've seen this before. It's just amazing. I wonder how long it took to make. I'm happy Prague appreciates their clock.
  14. Kuckucksuhren

    Where's my member banner?

    I don't know if you have to sycornize for everyone, but I joined the NAWCC last week, and my banner isn't displayed. Just let me know what I have to do.
  15. Kuckucksuhren

    1879 E. Howard Tower Clock: St. Stephen's Lutheran, Milwaukee, WI

    The latest update for the clock: Last Saturday I gave a tour of the clock to Craig White, Ch 47's president. A few more tours will be given to discuss what will be done. There definitely will be much involvement with chapter 47. A serial number was discovered after some scrubbing with a...
  16. Kuckucksuhren

    A Rare Black Forest Owl Clock

    Very nice clock. One can only wish to own the clocks you do Mr. Miller. I think this vid is of a similar movement. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGFh2Vm2_d0
  17. Kuckucksuhren

    1879 E. Howard Tower Clock: St. Stephen's Lutheran, Milwaukee, WI

    Anzer2, I had just read about Trinity's clock while I was doing research on St. Stephen's. I'm happy to hear from the one who takes care of it. I don't know how large the dials are on St. Stephen's, but that's not that hard to figure out. Also don't know the bell weights. The next time I...
  18. Kuckucksuhren

    St. Stephen's 1879 E. Howard tower clock repair

    An update on the clock: Today is the scheduled winding day, so I went to do some work on the clock. The broken shaft is the reason the clock stopped. The odd angle the shaft was bent at was rubbing against the ceiling and causing excessive stress on the movement, stopping it. Because of this...
  19. Kuckucksuhren

    1879 E. Howard Tower Clock: St. Stephen's Lutheran, Milwaukee, WI

    I am thinking about joining chapter 47 but I will never be able to attend their meetings because they are Sunday morning and I go to church then.;) I still plan on contacting them regardless. Thanks I'll make this correction to the information. I don't know why it was shortened. I still...
  20. Kuckucksuhren

    St. Stephen's 1879 E. Howard tower clock repair

    Here I wanted to discuss the upcoming repairs and maintenance necessary to keep the E. Howard clock at St. Stephen's Lutheran Church, Milwaukee, WI going. (Click here.) Because of the large amount of questions I have, I have labeled each one of these as "repair topics" so that it is easy for...