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  1. J

    Banjo Clock Rebuild

    In lieu of pictures.... Before you do anything with the case, do this: find the "dead-center" of the clock head. This is where the cannon post will be ( the hands attach to the cannon post ). Mark the spot with a "dot". Now, go down to the bottom "box" (called the pendulum box), and find the...
  2. J

    banjo clock glasses... ?

    Hi Bruce, There are all sorts of variations of brass sidearms. Single-sidearm Willard Clocks are well known, some with one plain rail with scrolls on each end, others' with a succession of 12-15 small "leaves" or "drips" running down each side of the single rail. N.H. banjos makers were known...
  3. J

    banjo clock glasses... ?

    Hi Bruce... ( I “PM’ed” you back on your other question about Tifft clocks... ) The Hershede clock looks like a product of the Chelsea Clock Company. The movement is a Chelsea movement, that I am 99.7% certain. The “unknown” banjo movement looks like a “Timesavers” (made in India) movement...
  4. J

    Wonderful Willard Timepiece "Banjo Clock" (signed A. Willard, Boston)

    It's a beautiful Banjo for sure ! But, I'm with Jim... There are quite a few "things" that are questionable "Willard"... Single mounting screw for the movement, the dial (wide gold ring), and the hands are a bit suspect for it being a Willard. The one thing I noticed right off the bat though is...
  5. J

    A. Willard

    Jim ! You are correct sir :-) I will have to check my books again and look for "Willard Clocks from the federal period (up to 1820) with half-round crossbanded frames of the same width (throat and door frame)... I was thinking more of the early Willard clocks than the clocks from the later...
  6. J

    A. Willard

    I respectfully disagree on a couple of your points Jim. :-) The chimney is a definite replacement. it does not show the same "age" as the clock head when viewed in the highest magnification. It looks "manufactured", not something from the 1840s (assuming this is an Attleboro clock)... Eagle...
  7. J

    A. Willard

    I noticed a couple of other things... The finial AND the finial chimney are obvious replacements. Also, look at the throat and door frames. The trim wood is done in a "crossbanded" pattern. This was typical for Attleboro clocks. Also, on Attleboro clocks the frames were usually done in an...
  8. J

    A. Willard

    I'm 99.999% sure this is a "fake". I suspect this is a re-done Horace Tifft (Attleboro) banjo clock that has been made to look like an Aaron Willard clock. Please see the picture below of a Horace Tifft (Attleboro) pendulum box. The dial, even though it looks old (crazed), is not correct for an...
  9. J

    8 Day Longcase Clock w/ Deadbeat Escapement & Center Sweep

    Well... I know what the mistake is :-) Very subtle, but it's there... Nice work though !!! Especially the movement. It would be nice to have all the tools to do that kind of fine mechanical work... Really enjoying your posts here... ! Joe
  10. J

    Pictures of Banjo and Lyre clocks ... Please

    Very nice ! Thanks for posting those Joe
  11. J

    Pictures of Banjo and Lyre clocks ... Please

    Hi Ralph... If you have the Paul J. Foley book “Willard’s Parent Time Pieces” look on pages 152 and 153. It looks a lot like a movement made by Jonathan Billings... Joe
  12. J

    Replica 1830s New Hampshire Mirror Clock

    I've been away for a while, so I was really happy to see this project clock ! It does my home state (NH) very well !!! As stated by everyone, very nice work Sooth ! I found some old wavy glass, and utilized it on a Tall Clock project back in 2015... It really adds a needed touch to a project...
  13. J

    Anyone else built their own Clock?

    I guess I'll revive this thread... Back in 2015, I had a spare movement in the shop, and I didn't know what to do with it... A friend of mine wanted a Tall Clock built by me... With that in mind, I tried to figure out if this movement could work for a Tall Clock project (shorter than normal...
  14. J

    Selecting a movement for a grandfather clock build

    DBordello: I was in the same boat a few years ago, i.e. needing to build a Tall Clock case for a movement. A Clock shop owner / friend had an Urgos movement (a fairly *nice* movement too - 5 tube chime, moon dial, seconds bit, etc) that he wanted to have a case made for. He gave me free reign...
  15. J

    Pictures of Moon Dials

    Here's a moon dial from an antique clock that I just finished restoring. ...A VERY tough project !! The only recent painting I've done is some reverse glass painting, so this was a lot different ! As you can see, the original moon dial (the first picture) was deteriorated beyond repair ! Joe...
  16. J

    Mystery Banjo Clock

    JST: Please show a photo of the inside of the pendulum box and pendulum, the throat interior, and clockhead interior... and also the weight. And, a close-up of the dial, throat glass and door glass would be helpful too ! Just a wild guess, but so far it looks like an "altered Attleboro Banjo"...
  17. J

    Antique Seth Thomas 8-day Weight-Driven movement question

    The piece that is on the minute hand post could have been something used as a spacer maybe, i.e. a replacement for a piece that was originally there... I have seen small "weight attachments" to the minute hand arbor on the rear of a movement to counter-weight a heavy minute hand. These were used...
  18. J

    Seth Thomas Early Regulator no 2 dial without a second bit

    Hello Acart: I scrape the "Seth Thomas" off "ever so gently" with a very sharp X-acto knife. I position the cutting side of the blade straight-down so that the whole blade does the "scraping" , not just the "tip". I try to hit just the black paint, but inevitably I do scrape the "white...
  19. J

    Seth Thomas Early Regulator no 2 dial without a second bit

    This is what the dial from Timesavers looks like (minus the "Seth Thomas" which I remove when I use them on my reproduction "Dunning" regulators)... Joe