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  1. topspin

    New user on NAWCC with a Waltham model 1883

    Just to add to the excellent information above, Yup, whenever you see a regulator that has been pushed all the way over to Slow or Fast, it's a pretty good clue that something is wrong, which someone has been trying to compensate for by using the one no-skill device available. An analogy would...
  2. topspin

    New user on NAWCC with a Waltham model 1883

    Yes, welcome. I see you have already identified the movement correctly. Was there anything else you wanted to know about the watch?
  3. topspin

    Waltham's 1891-model 0-size movements

    Next up - Waltham Pocket Watch: Serial Number 12099452 (Grade No. 61) This is the first Private Label I've seen in this model. Inscription reads "H.M. JACOBSON & SON, PHILA, PA". It's in my repairs queue. It has come to me inhabiting a Illinois Watch Case co coin silver case.
  4. topspin

    Waltham 16-A

    Yup. Please post photos, and hopefully we can help some more. In the meantime there are other threads here with general information about the 16-A/16A. It's a very nice one to find (especially if it's still in the original case) albeit not spectacular. Does it wind, set & run correctly?
  5. topspin

    If you could back in time, what watch would you buy?

    If I could go back in time, I probably wouldn't find much time for buying watches. Rather, the main focus would be to scoop up a copy of all of the greats from the history of chess when they were each at the peak of their powers. Then bring them all together and hold a big tournament to sort...
  6. topspin

    Greeting. My pocket watch.

    Here is what the database has to say about the movement... Waltham Pocket Watch: Serial Number 2601271 (Grade Home Watch Co.) It's calling it a "Home" grade rather than "Sterling" - to me there's not much difference anyway. The "Henry W Bedford" inscription is interesting. I wonder whether he...
  7. topspin

    WW2 WALTHAM pocket watch

    We need a photo of the movement please. The back probably screws off (if there is no obvious hinge.) Don't touch the hands or the dial. That could be radium paint. Is the watch working?
  8. topspin

    old mine cut diamonds -- origin? opinions?

    Some pictures might help? Even if we can't answer all the general questions, maybe someone will be able to tell you some stuff about some of the specific examples.
  9. topspin

    Waltham Wind Indicators

    The database is compiled from factory records which were created/kept for purposes which seemed important at the time, such as enabling watchmakers to know what spare part numbers to order up. Unfortunately, the folks at the factory completely failed to consider the needs of us collectors 100...
  10. topspin

    Waltham Chronograph Identification

    Re: the jewel count... The available information has it as either "4 pairs" or "15". This sits nicely with what is recorded for similar runs. Therefore, until either someone posts information to the contrary or someone physically takes the watch apart and counts them, we could say that "15 or...
  11. topspin

    Waltham Chronograph Identification

    As per the gray book excerpt, the previous 2 runs were model 1874, therefore 1884 seems a little less likely. As per the lookup http://nawccinfo.nawcc.org/LookupSN.php model 1884 does not start until 2365001 therefore if this is an 1884 then it's an outlier as well as a data error. We see from...
  12. topspin

    Help with Waltham grade 165

    Just to add to the excellent information provided by Jerry, Here is what the database has to say about the movement... Waltham Pocket Watch: Serial Number 16459299 (Grade No. 165) As you can see, there were a lot of this model/grade made, so spares are readily available. Sometimes this...
  13. topspin

    Open face movements in Hunter cases

    Once-upon-a-time I christened an openface movement that's been plonked in a hunting case a "redniwedis" (as in, opposite of sidewinder.) I see no issue with doing this, as a temporary measure while you wait for a hunting movement and/or an openface case to come along so you can switch it back...
  14. topspin

    An Unusual Waltham Riverside?

    With only the serial number to go on, there's at least 4 sources of information... https://pocketwatchdatabase.com/search/result/waltham/7013760 http://nawccinfo.nawcc.org/LookupSN.php?serial=7013760&sernumin= http://nawccinfo.nawcc.org/walscans/BookGray/gp037n6750001_7139000.pdf...
  15. topspin

    Waltham 1883 4th Wheel Variations?

    I think Jerry hit the nail on the head. It may be easiest to start again from a parts movement of same or similar grade to the one you're trying to repair. According to the lookup http://nawccinfo.nawcc.org/LookupSN.php there were 1519519 15J 1883s made (albeit this figure is only an...
  16. topspin

    Don't think this an a Model 1884 but an 1895.

    This is an interesting watch. Yes, it's an 1895 any day of the week, as confirmed by... http://nawccinfo.nawcc.org/walscans/BookGray/gp037n6750001_7139000.pdf The dial is unusual for this model. The jewel count is very unusual for a Bond St (most of the 11-13J are Hillsides) So you might want...
  17. topspin

    Waltham Watch Movement 1912 - IWC Spartan Case 1920's or 1930's?

    Yup. In trying to date a watch, it is easier if it is known to be all-original, because then we can take clues from the movement, the dial, the case, and any paperwork or other items that are still accompanying it, and go with whichever one we feel the most happy with. And then we can make...
  18. topspin

    $ Waltham pocket watch identification

    Was there something else you wanted to know? I see you've already looked it up, and found it to be a low-grade, common watch. These ladies watches have had a high survival rate, as they were often treated as jewellery (just the odd outing on special occasions) rather than as everyday...
  19. topspin

    Woodrow Wilson Watch stolen

    Oh dear oh dear, no photos of the dial, the movement, or the stampings on the case..... I wonder whether that's because the owners, the shop, the police, or the journalist got lazy? Edit: I see the CNN article at least managed a photo of the dial, but that's about as common a dial as any you'll...
  20. topspin

    Waltham 21 J to identify

    ...or whatever the "Sold Items" checkbox on your favourite auction site, comes up with. This is not a rare model/grade but on the plus side it seems to be complete and original and in reasonable condition. For discussion & comparison of this and similar models, see...
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