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  1. S_Owsley

    Standard Electric Slave - Getting my feet wet with S&M

    I got a package via FedEx today for my most recent eBay purchase. Unfortunately, the seller, while great at communication prior to the sale, was not so great at packing for safe shipment. I'm attaching photos, so those who want to see the gory details can. I'm actually quite happy with the rest...
  2. S_Owsley

    Standard Electric Recommendation for Electronic Master Controller for Single Slave?

    I just purchased a Standard Electric slave on eBay. I knew I was going to need an impulse driver to power it. I see 2 or 3 controllers (2 from Finland) on eBay and Ken's Clock Clinic sells a Model 1900W-UNV Modular Clock Winder Any recommendations for one over the other? Attached is a photo of...
  3. S_Owsley

    American Shipping Small Pendulum With Mercury Vials

    I just won a French crystal regulator with a pendulum containing mercury vials. I've done a little research and I believe the the mercury is sealed in the vials and isn't coming out unless the vials are broken. I've also read that some ground shippers (FedEx) allow shipping of mercury contained...
  4. S_Owsley

    Mauthe Round Top Grandfather

    So, I finally got what I always wanted. A round top Grandfather with a nice, deep, dark tone. Me and a fellow Message Board buddy agreed it was worth $350, though it was listed higher and "negotiable". The photos posted were fuzzy, no telephone communication. Didn't get the address until the...
  5. S_Owsley

    Glass for tall regulator clocks - the old type

    So I called a glass shop that has restoration glass they import from Germany. The largest sheets available are 36" long. My glass is 44" x 12". It's not super important I put in wavy glass, but as the clock is now lit by a skylight in a stairwell, I think a little bit of distortion would be...
  6. S_Owsley

    Welch double spring time only keeps stopping

    This has been an issue since I got the clock. I've taken it apart several times, the last time I cleaned and lubricated the springs. I'll have to get it back apart, but out of curiosity - is there a common issue that would cause this? Something I should pay particular attention to? It's my E.N...
  7. S_Owsley

    Staking Gear Wheel to Spring Arbor

    I hope I have my terminology right. I have an E.N. Welch No. 11 movement that I'm having difficulty getting the springs reassembled to put back in the clock. What tools can I use to stake the gear onto the arbor? I have a staking set, but it's for smaller diameter parts. Also, I think you...
  8. S_Owsley

    E. Howard 5R - Wells Fargo & Co.

    I won this at auction a few days ago. Can't wait to go over it this weekend and get it running. It appears to be in excellent shape. I have a tag that says it was cleaned and oiled in 1987, so I think that's the first order of business.
  9. S_Owsley

    Catalog Ad for Colonial Mfg. Grandfather Clock wanted

    Does anyone have an ad, or catalog page for a Model I-467? Looking for any information you have, or comments. Looks like this:
  10. S_Owsley

    $ Ollie Baker Style Spring Winder

    I need one and having a bit of trouble locating one.
  11. S_Owsley

    Re-issued Seth Thomas No. 2

    I got this clock from eBay last week. It came well packed, except it was shipped with the pendulum still attached, wrapped in bubble wrap. Took a while to get it set up. The suspension spring was a bit bent, the lower threaded rod on the pendulum was loose, causing the adjusting nut to rotate...
  12. S_Owsley

    E.N. Welch Regulator No. 11 - Trimmed to fit

    So, I've had my eye on this clock for a while and it finally came up for sale. I knew the clock was missing it's top and a bit off the bottom, but to me the essence of the clock is still present. My guess is that it was a clock in service and at some point was trimmed to fit the spot it was...
  13. S_Owsley

    (Painted Over) Waterbury Bahia Mosaic

    I've been wanting something along the lines of an Ingraham Ionic Mosaic. Well, this just popped up on Facebook for $95, a time only Waterbury look-alike, the Bahia Mosaic. I know I will not be happy with the clock until I got the green paint off, but it is quite presentable as it is. What have I...
  14. S_Owsley

    Help Need Help Setting Up Rack Strike on Vienna Regulator

    This has been elusive. After reassembly, the clock runs fine until I install the strike train. I haven't (yet) found reasonable instructions on how to set up the strike train. It will seem to be ok, then for some reason the strike train keeps going and going or something will happen that will...
  15. S_Owsley

    Ingraham Western Union - Time + Calendar

    Drove from San Francisco to San Jose early this morning to look at a clock that caught my eye on Craigslist. From the ad, I knew the bottom of the case had a small chip at the center. I researched as much as I could last night and was curious about the front glasses and pendulum. I had a nice...
  16. S_Owsley

    Does anyone else find the forums difficult to navigate?

    The organization and messaging of the forums on NAWCC are really awkward and difficult. Is it just me? I don't seem to have this issue on most other forums I've participated in.
  17. S_Owsley

    Clock Welch, Spring & Co Beat Scale

    Looking for a Welch, Spring & Co. beat scale, old TImesavers part number 18912.
  18. S_Owsley

    Northern California - looking for leads on a round top German Grandfather Clock

    I've wanted one for a long time. I've been looking on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and nothing is coming up. Something like the photos attached.
  19. S_Owsley

    Who sells these or how can I make this leather watch fob/cord?

    I have been unhappy with almost all of the pocket watch chains, cords, fobs - whatever you call this thing that fastens a watch to your pants. It look simple enough to make, but for the life of me I just can't seem to find the fastener used or the crimper. I would be happy to make it myself or...
  20. S_Owsley

    Need advice on Waltham RR I'm considering for purchase

    I read an article - I'm sure it was an NAWCC article on the basics of RR watches. It answered a lot of questions, such as what "adjusted" meant. Then I ran into a "problem" - I started browsing on Etsy. Knowing that I don't know much, and being afraid of making a rookie mistake, there is a...