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  1. oldcat61

    Scottish longcase

    Recently rescued from going to Goodwill. Brass dial, Samuel Russell, Selkirk. Cross posted in Case Repair. I question the flame finial. Would this be appropriate or were they mostly on American clocks? TIA, Sue
  2. oldcat61

    Scottish longcase finials

    Just acquired a brass dial scottish longcase. Has a flame finial in the center and 2 holes at the sides. I thought flames were more associated with American clocks. What do you all think it should have?
  3. oldcat61

    Seth Thomas bottom bell

    Just picked up a pretty ST bottom bell "ship's" clock. Were they all called " Monitor"? Where would this style be used? If it helps, the movement is a 41A. Sue
  4. oldcat61

    Double-faced fusee

    We have a double-faced fusee "station" clock. Runs well, dials OK but is missing both bezels/glass. Looking at several suppliers, it seems to be between sizes. Outside dimension of the ring looks to be 15". Listings for 12, 14 & 16". Am I measuring something wrong or is this an oddball/PIA? Any...
  5. oldcat61

    Painted Dial - Stirling, Nottingham

    My husband is doing a clock for a customer & she'd like to know more about her clock. The badly repainted dial says Stirling & Nottingham below that. Is Stirling the name? Thought it was a town. False plate says Birmingham & Hi?kiss. Calendar wheel says Wilson. Any info?
  6. oldcat61

    unimat 3 headstock

    I have a unimat 3 & have slightly damaged the headstock/spindle threads(?) when replacing the bearings. Want to clean them up with the proper metric die. What size? Of course the parts blowup doesn't help. Thanks, Dave
  7. oldcat61


    Does anyone have a US source for Liberon? When I google, I get UK sites. I tried Lowe's, Depot & a lumber yard. Thanks, Sue
  8. oldcat61

    Scottish longcase - what is a screw nail?

    Just got a packet of info from Dumbarton on our John Key longcase. Included was the notice of his admission to the hammersmith's guild. Says he was required to make a screw nail to show his skill. What is a screw nail? Everything I learn about this guy just creates yet another queston!
  9. oldcat61

    restoration of brass dial

    The dial of our Scottish longcase could stand some work. I know we could just re-silver the chapter ring but I think I'd prefer to have the whole thing disassembled & the dial/spandrels re-done. Any shops you can recommend?
  10. oldcat61

    insurance appraisal for Scottish longcase

    Spent yesterday with the very helpful folks at the NAWCC library researching our John Key Scottish longcase. Not much specific to the maker but learned a lot about styles/dating etc. I'd like to add the clock to the antiques rider of our insurance. Contacted Brian Loomes & he wants $100 mailed...
  11. oldcat61

    Sound holes/frets on Scottish longcase

    Recently accquired a Scottish longcase with lovely thistle shaped holes/frets in the sides of the hood. Guess someone thought the bell too loud & they have covered the sound openings with plywood! I know newer clocks like Herschedes used a goldish fabric, but what would be correct for a circa...
  12. oldcat61

    catgut or synthetic for Scottish longcase?

    Recently accquired a circa 1790 longcase. Would like to replace the existing brass cable with either catgut or the new synthetic. Any experience/opinions to relate? Merritt's OK or should I source from England? Thanks for your help.
  13. oldcat61

    Proper weights for English long case

    What type of weights would be proper for an English 8 day, brass dial? I've seen brass "can style" & cast iron. Any feel for when the transition was?
  14. oldcat61

    John Key Dumbarton

    Looking for info on a brass dial tall case marked John Key, Dumbarton. Only hit so far is about a similar clock in a library in Canada.