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  1. topspy

    Making a new roller table

    Hello again.... A while back a friend brought me a watch he had purchased at auction, and it was missing the hairspring and roller. The watch was a Philadelphia Watch Co, which I believe were made by IWC. Few were made, so sourcing a new part probably isn't possible. I have made up a "D"...
  2. topspy

    Has anyone seen this before in an Elgin grade 69?

    An 18s Elgin BW Raymond grade 69 came to me a few days ago, very dirty and missing the roller table. I thought it would be an easy fix..... After removing the balance, mainspring, and dial, I found what you see here. A large circular hole has been cut into the pillar plate, and a new piece...
  3. topspy

    Unknown tool...

    I got this tool in a box of watch related items. At first I thought it was for punching holes in straps, but it doesn't seem to work for that. it has a rotatable part at the top that is numbered 4-12. When you squeeze the handle a square pin rises up to meet the die, but the die has no holes...
  4. topspy

    Can anyone ID this movement?

    I need help identifying this movement. It has a broken staff. The watch is marked Nassau, and has this stamp under the dial (Ebauches Trust?) The balance cock is marked "LXA" and the train bridge is marked "17-8." The watch is either 17.5 Lignes or 12 size, and is marked Swiss. Any help...
  5. topspy

    Odd Waltham?

    I have a Waltham 18s keywind model 1877 That the pocketwatchdatabase says is a P.S. Bartlett. This one is marked "Davis & McCullough Special" instead. Is there any info about this or special significance? Thanks for any info...
  6. topspy

    My newest pro tool

    I had an Elgin pocket watch that I couldn't get the front bezel off of no matter what I tried. I considered the stick/hot glue method, but the dome of the crystal meant I would have to carefully profile a stick.... Then I saw this. They sell these at Dollar Tree in the toy section. It opened...
  7. topspy

    Bestfit jewel assortment #565

    Does anyone have the Bestfit Seitz jewel assortment #565? I'm looking for the chart that comes with it. I have a lot of refill envelopes of jewels for this assortment, but they just give bottle number, not size. I'd like to incorporate the jewels into one of my Seitz assortments but measuring...
  8. topspy

    Here's something different!

    Here is a Bennetts watch synchronizer. I wonder how many they managed to sell. It looks good in the display cabinet anyway!
  9. topspy

    mystery tool

    Does anyone have any idea what this is for? Came from a watchmaker estate.
  10. topspy

    Help dating or info on very old? clock

    I'm more of a watch guy, so I don't know much about this! any idea how old this thing is? It uses a chain drive for the weights - when did this first start? Missing the bell, verge and ???
  11. topspy

    New find

    A fusee chain hole punch. Doesn't look like much, but I was thrilled to find it!
  12. topspy

    Help with English cased Waltham stem removal

    Hello all... I finally get a little time at home. I'm working on a 14s Waltham model 1884 that is cased in an English hallmarked silver case. The crown is worn and of the wrong color, and I would like to replace it. However I can't get the crown/stem out! There are no screws holding it in...
  13. topspy

    My latest Acquisition

    Not sure what to do now! Build a stand I guess...
  14. topspy

    Anyone in Philadelphia?

    i find myself in Philadelphia with a couple of days off. Always looking to meet up with watchmakers and tool collectors......
  15. topspy

    Mystery pin on hairspring. What is it?

    Hi all, I’ve been lurking a bit as I’ve been traveling. Had a short break at home and decided to work on this pivoted detent movement. I found a bent pivot on the balance, but more curiously this “pin” sticking out of the side of the hairspring. It’s pinned on, and there is also some sort of...
  16. topspy

    Before and after...

  17. topspy

    English PW Making a shagreen case cover?

    Been absent here a while as I'm traveling for work again, a fairly long run this time so not sure when I'll be back at the bench... Anyway, I picked up a triple case verge from eBay that was originally covered in tortoise shell, but it is all gone now - which let me get the watch at a good...
  18. topspy

    Anyone seen this type of escape wheel wear before?

    This escape wheel from a Waltham I'm working on has teeth that are beveled! I swapped in another escape wheel from a parts movement, but am wondering how this could have happened. Has anyone else seen one like this?
  19. topspy

    What is this tool in my staking set?

    I have this tool in my Tri-duty staking set. The cross bar is fixed. The outside is the same diameter as the stakes and so fits in the anvil. The central plunger goes flush to the end and has a dimple (not a hole) in the end. I can't find any information about it... Any ideas?
  20. topspy

    Teeny tiny watch running very fast

    A friend brought me this tiny GP 15j ladies watch to service. I didn't want to take it on, but he finally got me to agree.... It was running but very sluggish. I cleaned and oiled it with 9010 (pallet pivots left dry,) removing all cap jewels and cleaning them in one-dip, etc. The watch now...

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