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    Chelsea Platform Escapement

    I have been working on a Chelsea movement for my cousin that was not running properly. I disassembled, cleaned and tested the main gear train and everything seemed to be good until I mounted the platform escapment. It seems to have some play and is sensitive to how much I tighten the mounting...
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    Gamewell Clock Identification

    Can someone assist me with what type of clock this is and what its use would be. It seems to be a clock that would work with others. Came to me with a lot of parts, clocks and tools from my uncle‘s collection. I collect mostly pocket watches and wall clocks so not familiar with what this one...
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    Tall Case Clock Help

    My uncle, who was my inspiration for collecting clocks & watches, passed away last year. We are currently going through his shop and one of my nieces wants the clock in the pictures. But before I let them move it I would like to learn more about the clocks history and also be able to remove...
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    Miniature Carriage Clock Key

    My stepdad recently acquired a miniature carriage clock and I have gone through all of my keys (quite a lot) and cannot find one small enough for the time adjustment. He measured both the time adjustment and winding and sent me the following dimensions. Time Adjustment: .035” (.9mm) Winding...
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    Chelsea Ship’s Clock S/N

    Does anyone have or know of a serial number database resource for Chelsea Ship’s Clock that would give more info other then approximate year made?
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    Need help identifying Howard clock

    I was recently given a Howard clock. Can anyone provide me with more information on this clock. The approximate dimensions are 34" Tall x 12-1/2" wide. Thanks, Mark
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    Joseph Bird?

    I recently aquired a movement with a lot of spare parts that I am having a difficult time getting information on. It is a keywind movement marked (Joseph Bird 54 Cicely Street Liverpool No 1381). Does anyone have any information on the manufacturer for this watch? Any help would be...

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